Open Letter to “YUI Official Goods Store” about Indonesia


YUI Official Goods Store enabled shippping to an important number of countries. For some reason, even though there is a considerable amount of fans from Indonesia, shipping to that country was not considered.

Nana and azmikun sent an email to Sony asking the reason behind this:


Dear Sony
Hi, my name is Martina, one of YUI’s fans from Indonesia. First of all I
want to thanks Sony for providing a website store that selling YUI 5th Tour
Goods for overseas fans.

For your information, in Indonesia there’s a lot of YUI’s fans, some of them
spread through some forum, such as http://yui-indo.com that has been the
site base and some of them spread through Facebook and Twitter.

I and some of my friends that joined the group also always support YUI by
buying her original albums and singles, despite not so many stores in
Indonesia that provide stuff related to Japan and with the opening of the
site that sells Tour Goods to several countries outside Japan is widely
opening our chance to support YUI by buying the tour goods directly.

However very disappointing, like being mention in “Delivery Information
page ( http://www.official-store.jp/yui-cn/user_data/help.php#sd02 ) our
country “Indonesia, not being mention in the country list. We as YUI fans
in Indonesia who would like to buy are very disappointed about that matter.
Because that matter, can I ask why Indonesia is not in the list? and are we
still be able to make an order, even though our country not being listed in
delivery destination?

I do hoping that we can get a proper answer, because we, YUI fans in
Indonesia very hoping that we can buy all kinds of YUI tour goods and also
the album or single directly.

Yours Sincerely,

Martina Efendie


The response from “yui-cn” was rther disappointing.


Dear customer.

Thank you for your inquiry.

We are sorry, but we do not ship our products to Indonesia.

Regarding your request, we currently have no plans to add Indonesia to our list.
We are sorry we can’t be of more assistance at this time.

We are planning to expand our service and more countries may be added to our list in the future.
However, we are not certain whether your country will be included.
Please check our website for updates.

We value customer needs, and will continually make efforts to improve the quality of our websites and services.
Thank you for your understanding.

With best regards,

lightvan co. ltd.
The Official Store Support Center

Ok, first of all, why are they adressing nana as “Dear Customer”?
She’s not a customer… because SHE CAN’T BUY!!

“We are sorry, but we do not ship our products to Indonesia.”
Yes we know that…that’s why we are writting.

“Thank you for your understanding.”
You didn’t explain anything.


Anyway.. this is what you guys in Indonesia want to do:


Email these guys asking for an explanation over and over and over again until you get what you want.

Good night.


  • http://twitter.com/hioenana nana

    Yeah..start for now we YUI-Indo will go straight to Sony Indo and making some petition to release the albums here ….and as far as i know….a lot of us (YUI-Indo) already buying the original stuff..at least from HK..but that just making HK get the all the credits…

  • http://www.facebook.com/yamidana Eka D. Novan

    What is this SONY,,the same answer for the email we send to you??
    this is not what i expect from company like SONY,,

    • Anonymous

      So they have a pre made response to deal with this inquiries?  LOL

  • DragonKing

    this site is not made by sony… it’s copyrighted to “lightvan co. ltd.”

  • Rhackus

    I have a feeling that they cant make the deliveries due to the vast amount of islands in indonesia which makes deliveries hard just my thought

  • Seraphim_death

    it’s not likely that they will leak out business strategies and plans to the outside, so i dun think we can count of messages like these