Backy’s Blog (2011.03.18) — YUI’s Status and Message for YUI-Lover.


Yesterday, I asked him about YUI, in representation of all of us. He wrote a little reply.

My question:
BACKY ??????????????????????????????????
YUI-Lover ???????YUI ??? e.u.Band ??????????????????????
YUI ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
???????????? m(_ _ )m

Backy san,
There is too much information in the news. Some say there is no danger in Tokyo, other say, the radiation will spread and will harm people.
In YUI-Lover community, people is very worried about YUI, e.u.Band and the others.
Is YUI OK? is she in Tokyo? or maybe she went back to fukuoka? Please, if you tell us anything, we will be grateful.

Backy’s Reply:
Kikino! ???YUI???????????????????????

YUI and everyone else are fine, everyone is in Tokyo.
Of course we are worried of the radioactivity. There are many comrades risking their lives doing a great effort (to solve this).
If there was an order to take shelter, we will do so. Right now we are safe, but something must be done quickly. It will be bad if this becomes a trouble for other countries too.
Thank you very much to everyone in YUI-Lover for worrying about us.