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Mannequin — Music Video

Please be patient if the video takes to load. You can also download it by right-clicking on the video while it's playing.

yui and Elephant Kashimashi at Arabaki Rock Fes18

2018.06.24 Arabaki Rock Fes18 At this festival, Elephan Kashimashi made collaborations with several artists. When yui's turn came, she said that at Ohara Break, a couples of months back, the two met, because murajun played for them, but at that time, Hiroji Miyamoto, the...

[Contest] Win a Copy of Spotlight! [WINNER ANNOUNCED!]

We have a winner... Congratulations to Kobus FrankenKim Nieuwoudt from South Africa! Please send me an email to kikino@yui-lover.com with you address so we can send you the prize! Thank you all for joining the contest. It was very touching to see yui...

yui Diary (2017.11.06) — I Have a Report for Everyone

I have a report for everyone. I, yui, as it's been reported by the media, have submitted official divorce papers on August of this year. Thinking on our respective futures and talking about it very carefully, we came to the conclusion...