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Friday, March 24, 2017


Pictures taken from the web or TV

YUI and Bicycles

If there is one thing every fan should know about YUI is that she loves bikes! (There are other things she loves, though. But this is what this article is about.) There is a couple of interviews where she talks...

PATi PATi 2012.09 – YUI and YAMATO from Orange Range

This is one of the last appearances YUI made in PATi PATi. Actually, it was the second to last. I honestly have no idea what this interview is about. Maybe I will try to translate it some day in the...

Gotchi and Friends Take a Trip to Sweden

  Tessie-san, momochi and other fans from Japan invited Gotchi from YL on a trip to Sweden to follow YUI's steps when she went there on 2010. Enjoy the pics! Visiting Central Station in Stockholm, Sweden. Going through the Old Town - Gamla...


  Yesterday, yui paid a visit to TOWER RECORDS and TSUTAYA in Shibuya. At TOWER she also left a message asking for support for SHISHAMO ^_^; "I'm yui from FLOWR FLOWER! The release of the single "Takaramono" makes me very happy...

YUI’s vacations in Paris (2012) – Full report

  Around November 2~7, 2012 YUI went on vacations to Paris. This happened 2 weeks before the end of her activities as YUI were announced. yui herelf talked about it on a secret FLOWER FLOWER performance a couple of days after she...

B-PASS 2015.01 — Album Review and Comments

mafumafu(B.)、mura☆jun(Key.)、sacchan(Dr.)は、yui(vo.&G.)がライブで観て、音源を聴いて、「一緒に音を鳴らしてみたい」という純粋な衝動に突き動かされ、自ら集めたメンバーだ。 突然連絡を受けた3人はかなり驚いたらしい。そりゃそうだ。その時というか、FLOWER FLOWERが表だって動きだすまで、世間的にyuiはゆるぎなく"YUI"だったんだもの。