Honey Bee Meeting (Mitsubachi Kaigi)



Jun and I (cyclo) were very lucky to be a part of the second Honey Bee Meeting (Mitsubachi Kaigi)!

Taking part only involved an application process and was completely free. Honey Bee Meeting is a platform for Honey Bee Management to hear the opinions from fans and hopefully act on it.

The meeting took place at Sony Music Ichigaya, YUI’s workplace and where Honey Bee Management’s headquarters is supposedly located, yesterday afternoon. Even though we got there 45 minutes early, there were already 17 other people ahead of us! At the very front, there was a group of fans who came from another part of Japan and still had their luggages with them! We were guided to a meeting room on the first floor by our favourite Yuusuke-san!

In the first room, we were given slips of paper with a number on it (we were 18 and 19), and then took turns to write Birthday wishes on Sakura-san’s birthday card. After that, we were guided to the next room where the chairs were already arranged, and the girls of MIO Band, including Arisa, were just standing at the door welcoming us!!

After securing a seat and putting our stuff down (we had gifts for YUI and Sakura-san), we took the opportunity to speak with Arisa! We introduced ourselves as being from YUI-Lovers and her expression changed immediately into an extremely surprised look xD She thanked us for delivering them CDs everytime. Looks like it’s not just Hisashi-sensei, but all of e.u.Band knows us very well too!

I delivered a message to Arisa on behalf of our beloved azmikun (she even remembers azmikun by his name), and she thanked us again for always showing support.

During the meeting, there were question an answer sessions with MIO Band, followed by a lottery for the souvenirs Backy bought from different parts of Japan during the Cruising Tour. Backy, Sakura and Arisa recounted various episodes that happened during the tour. Apparently, Sakura and Arisa have become really close friends despite Sakura only having just joined the band recently! They even recounted a “date” they went on together because the rest of the staff and band left one day before them.

After that, MIO Band announced their new name (MIO Band was a temporary name): Chelsy ! And everyone in the room were treated to an exclusive showcase of their first ever music video of their first ever original song. They music video was really well made, and included scenes of their first live in Shibuya Starlounge, as well as vocalist Mio singing on the roof of a music school while playing the guitar.

There was some question and answer again after that and I took the opportunity to introduce ourselves to everyone, and tell them about the facebook fan page we had made for Chelsy. They were surprised that there was already so much support from overseas despite them not even debuting yet.

At the end, as everyone was leaving, we got to talk to Yuusuke again and reminded him about the parcel that would be arriving soon. We also spoke with Sakura and gave her a Sakura Cake we bought earlier as a birthday gift. Sakura is a very gentle and motherly figure. I believe she is a great addition to e.u.Band!

We also got to speak with Backy, when we went up to him (by now he already knew we were from YUI-Lovers because of my introduction earlier) he was telling Sakura about how the band has always been receiving gifts from us, saying that it was amazing and everyone from all over the world recorded tracks to make the CD. I reassured Sakura that she will, of course, be getting one this year too!

Honey Bee Management intends to hold Mitsubachi Kaigi every month, and as much as possible, Jun and I plan to continue participating. Now that we are in a position to make the voices of international fans heard, we hope that all of you here will tell us any burning issues that you would like Honey Bee Management to address, so that we can raise them in the following meetings.

What do you want to tell Honey Bee Management? Join us in the forum

– cyclo