New single ?? (Takaramono) September 7th Release!


2016.08.01 excite

The wait was unbeareable…

New single is finally confirmed. It will contain two songs.

???? (Treasure)
??? (Flame)

The limited edition will include 2 CDs. The second CD will contain songs from a performance previous to their official debut, in a secret live at Shibuya “WWW”, Toumeina uta, Takaramono and STARTLINE. (Audio only)

Buy Takaramono Regular Edition on CD Japan ?1,200 (+tax)

Buy Takaramono Limited Edition on CD Japan ?1,602 (+tax)

As reported by, excite and BARKS:

yui got married on 2015 and gave birth, so entering a period of recess was inevitable. On 2016 she started coming to meetings and music sessions, to finally decide the preparation of a new release.
yui said: “I didn’t think I would be able to release another song. I’m honestly happy.

The song that names the single, “Takaramono” is a song performed in lives when FLOWER FLOWER was recently formed, and it quickly became the most famous song among the fans.
The song was recorded previously and it was a candidate to be part of the album “Mi”, released on 2014, but the band finally decided to make a compilation including songs with more recent feelings. When this new project started, they recorded it a second time. As for the second song, it was made during a music session entering 2016. “The very first song of 2016” as they put it.

The most famous version of Takaramono is probably the one they performed at PERFECT SYNC. I wonder if the single version will be different?