Staff Diary (2011.04.18) — Hong Kong, and Jacket pictures completed!


Hong Kong, and Jacket pictures completed!

Entering April, I think we also start a new way of living,
Are you all alright?
Pollen is awful right? (sweat)

???????????????????????STAFF DIARY?????????????????????????????
In the meantime, news that will fly away the pollen.
ONE MAN LIVE at Hong Kong has been announced!
There was a STAFF DIARY  entry regarding our visit to Hong Kong before, but in reality it was a bussiness meeting in relation to the concert.
We are looking forward to an atmosphere of warm encounters with everyone in Hong Kong, I want to embrare everyone’s energy.
I’ll be grateful if I’m able to receive everyone’s support!

????New Single?HELLO ?Paradise Kiss??????????????

And, we have a information about the new single “HELLO ?Paradise Kiss?” too?

The pictures of jacket covers are completed?

<Limited Edition>

<Normal Edition>

I wonder if you’re surprised by seeing YUI with a feeling different as usual!?
All the staff were impressed by looking at YUI changing different clothes one by one, in the photoshoot ant MV recording too (laugh)

We think this song is
A really pop, cute, and exciting work!
Please, please look forward to it!

We know the aftershocks keep to be occuring in the North-East area.
We hope they are going to be recovered.

???19??????SCHOOL OF LOCK???22:00????O.A.???
YUI’s new song is a work that I want everyone to listen.
I’ll be happy if you receive a least a little of power from YUI’s music
Tomorrow 19th is going On Air at SCHOOL OF LOCK!
Look forward to it!

We will make efforts to help you (victims) by the sales of charity goods on the live performance in Hong Kong!

Let’s keep walking together.

?Sony Music Shop??HELLO?Paradise Kiss???

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