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No. 97

This is a summary of things related to YUI/yui, FLOWER FLOWER, and all that jazz.

Posts might not be in chronological order, but they are all connected to eachother with quote reference numbers >>##
If you wish to comment, you can do it filling the form above. No registration is necessary.
If you want to quote certain post, you just click the post number, next to the timestamp on top of each post, and it will appear on the message field.

Sources of this information are official and unnoficial. But all extremely reliable.
This compilation was only possible thanks to the help and contributions of Gotchi, Atheon, Depyon, Linus, Yupeh, Mr.Sean, waratte, ukoziak, PWRTSM, CHU-LIP, G.C., Jun, neoreturn, Paku, Hatsumichan, Fujii Itsuki, Brad, blackdog, nowayyui, akabaneouji, Tessie, Shinchan-san, Spring-san, Reset, solidsnake, Rika-san, Hibikozo-san, Daigo from Couchsurfing xD, and so many others.
u _u thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Here we go:


APRIL 2012

* 2012.04.30 Secret live at Shimokitazawa LOFT.
First time she performed in secret (She also performed in secret with e.u.Band back on YUI era during her first hiatus, though). There are 34 confirmed secret lives on 2012. and even more on 2013. She used the alias "HANA", "and more", "sanagi", "chocolate", and others. She just popped out of the blue. Most people didn't even recognize her at the beginning. Most of the time, she would go out after the presentations and meet the fans on a very casual and relaxed way.



MAY 2012

* 2012.05.14 Secret live at Shimokitazawa LOFT
* 2012.05.20 Secret live at Shimokitazawa LOFT Performed as HANA


JUNE 2012

* 2012.06.12 Secret live at Roppongi Nouen.
* 2012.06.14 Secret live at Shimokitazawa LOFT. Performed as HANA
* 2012.06.18 Secret live at Shinjuku SACT!
* 2012.06.26 yui started a secret blog where she signed as FLOWER FLOWER. She published live schedules, sometimes with months in advance. That's how I managed to prepare and go to Japan to meet her. Sometimes she would write small comments about things related to the lives she performed at.


JULY 2012

* 2012.07.01 Secret live at Hatagaya 36.7℃
* 2012.07.13 Secret live at Ikebukuro Ringoya
* 2012.07.22 Secret live at Shimokitazawa LOFT. Performed as HANA



* 2012.08.01 Secret live at Shibuya Gee-ge.
* 2012.08.09 Secret live at Roppongi Nouen.
* 2012.08.14 Charity event at Yuigahama beach hut "Minamikaze".
* 2012.08.20 Secret live at Shibuya LOOP Annex.
* 2012.08.23 Secret live at Shimokitazawa LOFT. Performed as HANA
* 2012.08.24 Live at OTODAMA SEA STUDIO

* 2012.08.30 Secret live at Futakotamagawa KIWA. First live FLOWER FLOWER performed as a full band.
Until this live, neither Sony nor Stardust were aware of yui's plans. "YUI was performing as FLOWER FLOWER with the resolution of resign Sony." is what her manager said on a later encounter.

"That day, BOSS was also there. He met with yui after the live, leaving the dressing room with a bad tempered face."



* 2012.09.05 Secret live at Daikanyama LOOP // Release of YUI's last single "fight"
* 2012.09.13 Secret live at Shimokitazawa LOFT
* 2012.09.15 Secret live at Shimokitazawa LOFT
* 2012.09.19 Secret live at Yokohama Millions Deli
* 2012.09.22 Secret live at Opening act at FACTORY LIVE 0922 at Fuji-TV
* 2012.09.24 Secret live at Shindaita FEVER. With full band.



* 2012.10.16 Secret live at Shibuya Gee-ge. Kikino, Gotchi and Jun from YL meet yui for the first time.
* 2012.10.17 Secret live at Shindaita FEVER. With full band. Kikino and Gotchi get a picture from yui.
* 2012.10.18 Secret live at Shibuya LOOP Annex. With murajun Kikino and Gotchi receive a hand-made flyer from yui.
* 2012.10.23 Secret live at Shimokitazawa LOFT.
* 2012.10.24 Release of SHE LOVES YOU
* 2012.10.28 Secret live at Shibuya LOOP Annex. With murajun.

* 2012.10.30 yui recorded a chorus track for the album of her friend Hibikozo. She used the alias "ann"



* 2012.11.01 Secret live at Shimokitazawa LOFT. With murajun

* 2012.11.02~07 yui goes on vacations to Paris with Fukuda and two other people for 5 days.

* 2012.11.10 Secret live at Shibuya Okinawa Tavern Shimabukuro.

* 2012.11.11 Secret live with full band at Shibuya O-nest. With full band. With murajun

* 2012.11.12 Secret live at Shimokitazawa LOFT. With murajun

yui's manager, Fukuda, was informed that yui's secret was already circulating on internet, specially 2ch. Until that day he had no idea.
Fukuda also said: ''"On a meeting with Sony and Stardust, she really didn’t want to release the Best Album, she really didn’t want to perform at Kouhaku Uta Gassen.
The result of that meeting, YUI would resign Sony, and in repayment she would have to release the Best Album. Of course she wouldn't go against the fans.
With that result, YUI would also have to perform at Kouhaku in promotion for the albums."''

He didn’t have answers to the questions “Will YUI go Indie”, or “will she remain working as “YUI”.
They weren't planning ahead yet.

* 2012.11.14 yui deleted flower flower’s blog. Probably after Fukuda's instruction. But her schedule for December was already published.

* 2012.11.15 Secret live at Kichijoji CRESCENDO. At this point the secret was too widespread and the venues were becoming small. With a couple of exceptions, she wasn't able to go and meet fans after the performances anymore.


File: 1427134624455.png (286.51 KB, 843x468, message from yui.PNG)

* 2012.11.19 YUI announces the end of activities.

“I didn’t want to show people a broken spirited me”, “My spirit was broken, so to speak, and I ended up at the point where I couldn’t even sing anymore,”

Personal note:
>> If you ask me, and this is a completely personal opinion. This is proof that she was already showing signs of depression at this early date. And quitting "YUI" was her only way out from that depressive enviroment.

Curious thing is. She says she couldn't sing any more. But at that time she was performing almost every week in secret, and she had more than 10 original songs as FLOWER FLOWER already composed.
At the secret lives, she was truly happy to come in contact with her fans. She would come out after every live to talk and listen to every single on of them.


File: 1427134969896.jpg (104.08 KB, 967x543, 14dpK7.jpg)


* 2012.12.05 Release of GREEN GARDEN POP and ORANGE GARDEN POP

* 2012.12.10 Secret live at Shibuya LOOP annex. Kikino went here.

* 2012.12.17 Shimokitazawa fu-chi-ku-chi

* 2012.12.23 YUI's last performance at Music Lovers with -at that time unknown- FLOWER FLOWER band members and Kaji-san.
The show was unexpectedly revealing. YUI talked about her childhood and other very private stuff.
(2016.07 note) *knowing how private she became after that, I wonder if this unusually revealing show was forced?*

* 2012.12.23 Secret live at Ebisu club aim.



File: 1427135113271.jpg (91.93 KB, 1440x810, FJ3Um.jpg)

* 2012.12.31 YUI performs at Kouhaku Uta Gassen and CDTV premium live. Last live performances as YUI.


File: 1427135253647.jpeg (18.56 KB, 320x320, 1301041_YUIDiary.jpeg)

* 2013.01.04 Last YUI Diary “I’m an artist, but I’m also human”

(It was never clear what that picture / outfit was intended for)



* 2013.01.07 Secret live at Kobe Taiyou to Tora. yui goes to Kansai region for three secret lives.
* 2013.01.08 Secret live at Osaka Shinsaibashi JANUS livehouse, she is photographed with a new look for the first time.
Live report: http://ameblo.jp/lovelikemusik2/entry-11446441167.html
* 2013.01.09 Secret live at Kyoto Taku-taku. She says she really wanted to go there because the band BOGUMBOS used to play there often. She also pasted a sticker on a wall as a tradition.
(There are many other live reports out there. But I wont put them here. It's not the point of this thread.)


* 2013.01.10 Sanspo website and mezamashi TV report a rumor about YUI's new band. her new look and a secret live on the Kansai region the day before (09th).

"The relevant person explained that those activities were completely private ones, and it was just for her to enjoy the music with her friends."

"According to her staff, she performed in small livehouses in different places this month on the 7th, 8th and 9th. With many other artist involved. The group performed around 5 or 6 songs one after another. However, YUI introduced herself as “FLOWER FLOWER” and the long hair she had until the end of the year was drastically cut off. The music of YUI’s era was sealed."

"At this moment, they say that there are no concrete plans for YUI’s comeback or her new activities as FLOWER FLOWER."


* 2013.01.17 Secret live at Nagoya TOKUZO
* 2013.01.18 Secret live at Yokkaichi CLUB CHAOS
* 2013.01.24 Secret live at Fukushima Iwaki burrows
* 2013.01.25 Secret live at Sendai JUNKBOX. A picture of yui with a fan gets leaked on Twitter and after 5 minutes everyone knew about yui's new look.

* 2013.01.26 Secret live at Utsunomiya Yujitsu Cafe
* 2013.01.27 Secret live at Nagano hiyori cafe
* 2013.01.29 Secret live at Shimokitazawa LOFT. Performed as SORA      
* 2013.01.30 Secret live at Shimokitazawa 440



* __



File: 1427135902273.jpg (79.91 KB, 600x800, okameinko.jpg)

MARCH 2013

* 2013.03.03 Secret live at Shimokitazawa 440

<<<<<<<< Okameinko Tour <<<<<<<<<

* 2013.03.17 Live at Chiba LOOK   
* 2013.03.18 Live at Utsunomiya HEAVEN'S ROCK VJ-2   
* 2013.03.21 Live at Osaka LIVE SQUARE 2nd LINE   
* 2013.03.22 Live at Nagoya APOLLO TEHATER   
* 2013.03.25 Live at Sendai MACANA  
* 2013.03.26 Live at Shibuya WWW   

They played with other bands 4,5 songs each live. They didn't talk about their plans as a band yet.

FLOWER FLOWER was still underground at this point. But hardcore fans were well aware of this tour, and all venues were sold out in minutes.


File: 1427137403777.jpg (63.73 KB, 600x400, FLOWERFLOWER_live02.jpg)

APRIL 2013

* 2013.04.03 Secret live at Ebisu club aim. With murajun

- First official press release. "yui restarts her activities as FLOWER FLOWER."
- Announces first official lives at JAPAN JAM and metrock.
- They show her new look for the first time.
- Many fans speak against her new look.
- Official website is launched

* 2013.04.09 Secret live at Shindaita FEVER. With murajun
* 2013.04.10 Secret live at Shibuya LOOP Annex. With murajun. Performed as "sanagi".


File: 1427137754153.png (519.53 KB, 432x586, G7I9Ryg.png)

* 2013.04.11 Friday magazine reports about yui’s relationship with Hatano Hirofumi. Internet goes wild.
Staff confirmed the information on a press release a day later.
yui never touched the subject.

2013.04.16 Secret live at Ebisu club aim. With murajun
2013.04.23 Secret live at Shimokitazawa 440. With murajun


File: 1427137842046.jpg (99.38 KB, 700x466, 2013.05.04-JAPAN-JAM-05.jpg)

MAY 2013

* 2013.05.04 FLOWER FLOWER's first live. JAPAN JAM.
No TV coverage


File: 1427139054470.jpg (205.43 KB, 1280x960, metrock.jpg)

* 2013.05.09 yui Diary: "I am now able to drink coffee which I couldn’t drink before, it’s yui."

* 2013.05.26 Performance at Metrock.
No TV coverage
In the picture, yui is going on stage for the sound check. The guy holding her guitar is her roadie, attsutsu. Pic taken by Kikino.

* 2013.05.27 Diary. She talked about drinking coffee.
Note she wrote a song called coffee, which talks about the music industry and cheap commercial music.


File: 1427139135972.jpg (56.36 KB, 633x495, yui-and-hatano-metrock.jpg)


On a backstage footage, she could be seen hanging around with Hatano and other people.


File: 1427139228404.jpg (13.72 KB, 320x240, 2013.05.30.jpg)

2013.05.30 yui Diary: Cant wait for kokujikan in june" (perfect sync)


File: 1427139279766.jpg (18.84 KB, 300x300, 2013.06.05-300x300.jpg)

JUNE 2013

* 2013.06.05 yui Diary:
yui went to see Atonio Lopez painter exhibit.
This is the last casual yui diary.


File: 1427139584539.png (138.84 KB, 358x443, z5IZ8jR.png)

* 2013.06.11 PERFECT SYNC
Concert was only streamed once.
For some reason, video rips on youtube are not being claimed.

* 2013.06.28 Several channels air an interview made after PERFECT SYNC. This was the only televised interview FLOWER FLOWER had made to date (Last revision, 2016.08)


File: 1427140411051.jpg (37.45 KB, 320x480, otodama.jpg)

JULY 2015

* 2013.07.03 Tsuki digital release.
yui didn't write about it. Even thought she painted the cover art

* 2013.07.07 THE MUSIC DAY LIVE presented by "ZERO"
No coverage

* 2013.07.16 yui Diary: yui talks about ZERO live. The last long diary in a long time.

* 2013.07.21 JOIN ALIVE
Only a web report on JOIN ALIVE's official site

* 2013.07.22 yui Diary: yui talks about JOIN ALIVE.

* 2013.07.26 Secret Live at Shibuya Gee-ge. With murajun

No coverage

* 2013.08.01 yui Diary: yui writes about OTODAMA. (pic related)


File: 1427209387251.jpg (55.57 KB, 400x600, 2013.08.21 JOIN ALIVE 2.jpg)



File: 1427209512184.jpg (32.13 KB, 417x604, 2013.07.31 OTODAMA 4.jpg)

(Looks like yui's beatboxing xD)


File: 1427209555858.jpg (344.6 KB, 2048x1536, 2013.07.31 OTODAMA 3.jpg)



File: 1427215713973.jpg (90.37 KB, 610x914, 2013.08.01 ROCK IN JAPAN 1….jpg)


* 2013.08.02 ROCK IN JAPAN FES. '13
Even though most (if not all) bands are featured on TV, only photo reports from rijf web and magazines were published.

* 2013.08.06 yui Diary: yui writes about RIJF


File: 1427215841636.jpg (13.98 KB, 320x240, 2013.08.30.jpg)

* 2013.08.30 yui Diary: "rehearsals after a long time"


File: 1427215924937.jpg (25.36 KB, 300x300, 2013.09.02-300x300.jpg)


* 2013.09.02 yui Diary: "I'm writing a lot of songs"


* 2013.09.03 Secret live at Shimokitazawa SEED SHIP. With murajun. Performed as "chocolate".

* 2013.09.04 Yahoo and mezamashi TV report that yui and Hatano ended her relationship "due to their respective busy live schedules".
No comments from staff or yui.
I believe they came back together at some point, but I don't have the exact date.

* 2013.09.06 Secret live at Shimokitazawa LOFT. With murajun Performed as "花とお月さん" (Flower and Moon-san)
* 2013.09.12 Secret live at Shimokitazawa BIG MOUTH. Performed as "いいちこ" (Ichiko)


File: 1427216433451.jpg (15.96 KB, 320x240, 2013.09.19_2.jpg)

>> No coverage. Not even one single official picture of the live.

2013.09.19 yui Diary: Comment about the live.

Picture: FLOWER FLOWER and Ego-Wrappin


File: 1427216543705.jpg (154.97 KB, 768x1024, 2013.09.14 NEW ACOUSTIC CA….jpg)



File: 1427216728064.jpg (11.13 KB, 320x240, 2013.09.27.jpg)

2013.09.27 FF Diary: They write about the upcoming tour.


File: 1427217338508.jpg (16.45 KB, 320x240, 2013.10.12_1.jpg)


<<<<<<<<<< Inko no Mure Tour <<<<<<<<<<<<<

* 2013.10.01 Live at Umeda CLUB QUATTRO
* 2013.10.02 Live at Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO
* 2013.10.07 Live at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO

The tour was not covered by either staff or any other media.

2013.10.12 FF Diary: report about the tour. (pic related)


File: 1427217524067.jpg (16.56 KB, 320x240, 2013.10.21.jpg)

* 2013.10.21 yui Diary: Uni Inoue (Producer. Tokyo Jihen / Shiina Ringo) is introduced. yui was thinking of doing oil paintings again.


2013.10.25 Secret performance at Nakameguru OOPS!.

Since April 2012, yui performed in secret around 70 times.


File: 1427218009956.jpg (19.08 KB, 320x240, 2013.11.19.jpg)


* 2013.11.19 yui Diary: "Sorry, updates have been slow."

Twitter account is launched


File: 1427218603215.jpg (18.06 KB, 320x240, 2013.12.12.jpg)


* 2013.12.12 FF Diary: "We’re doing various things. Things are going well."

Notice at this point there is about a month between each update.


* 2013.12.22 Secret Live at Shimokitazawa SEED SHIP

Performance at an Xmas year-end party. Some fans still managed to get in.

Last secret live in record.


File: 1427220695490.jpg (80.76 KB, 1024x768, FM802 RADIO CRAZY 2013 2.jpg)



File: 1427220749223.jpg (62.08 KB, 1024x682, FM802 RADIO CRAZY 2013.jpg)


RADIO CRAZY had no coverage other than a photo report on their official site.

yui wrote a diary the same day.


File: 1427221383788.jpg (101.97 KB, 1920x1088, 2013CountdownJapan02.jpg)

* 2013.12.30 COUNTDOWN JAPAN 13/14
Her last performance
(WOWOW broadcasted Tsuki performance on 2014.02.06)

yui announced that a nationwide tour would start by spring and that a “round thing” is also being prepared.


File: 1427221940124.jpg (12.37 KB, 320x240, 2014112_yuiDiary.jpg)


* 2014.01.12 yui Diary: "I had a lot of fun at countdown."
(Almost two weeks after the thing, but the diary seemed pretty genki nonetheless.)


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< FLOWER FLOWER DARK AGES BEGIN <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

* 2014.01.29 Press reports: "yui stricken by panic disorder. Hospitalized after mixing medication and alcohol!"

Pictures of yui stop being posted.



The genius of Fukuda kept us worried for more than a month…


MARCH 2014

* 2014.03.05 yui confirmed she was diagnosed with panic disorder.

* 2014.03.05 FF STAFF announced the cancelation of their performance at VIVA LA ROCK (scheduled for May 4th) due to yui's panic disorder

* 2014.03.27 yui talks about her birthday and that her purpose is "to cure the illness and to do various enjoyable things like tour while I'm 27"


APRIL 2014

* 2014.04.07 rehearsal after a long time "Because of the illness, there are things that we can't decide right away"


MAY 2014

* 2014.05.19 FF Diary: They talk about kamisama digital release. yui doesn't mention her illness.

* 2014.05.21 kamisama digital release

* 2014.05.24 FF Diary: They Apologize for the delay of the "round thing".
"I'm happy when we all get together!(as a band) I want to do more music!"
No mention of her illnes.


JUNE 2014

* –



File: 1427223887017.jpg (15.39 KB, 320x240, 2014.07.26.jpg)

JULY 2014

* 2014.07.26 FF Diary: They write about little forest's aki and natsu digital release.

Finally, after 6 months, they post a very discreet picture of yui with dark hair. yui probably covering her chubby cheeks… xD

Again, no mention of any illness.



2014.08.30 FF Diary: They talk about aki/natsu digital release.
No mention of any illness.


File: 1427225034139.jpg (15.34 KB, 240x320, 141002.jpg)


* 2014.09.22 Subarashii Sekai is announced to be theme song of the drama "Tamagawa Kuyakusho OF THE DEAD"

* 2014.09 around this month yui starts a formal relationship with an unknown man in his twenties. (Date not confirmed officially.)



* 2014.10.02 FF Diary: They write about Subarashii Sekai digital release.
yui posts a personal comment about her hair and uploads a selfie.
This was probably the highest point after it all went down the drain. Seeing yui dying her hair again everyone thought "yui is finally coming back"

But that was not correct. This was the last picture of yui until August 2016



2014.11.26 Mi is released.

2014.11.27 yui Diary: "I want to write again and go in detail about the feelings included in the songs and the sceneries when recording."

(Can't remember the date exactly.)
At the end of a live, Murajun was heard saying: "If yui is well recovered FLOWER FLOWER will perform at COUNTDOWN 14/15"
They never did.

2014.11 Around this month, yui gets pregnant (Date not confirmed officially.)



* 2014.12.04 yui Diary. Negai comment. Very detailed and deep.



* 2015.01.01 FF Diary: New year generic post.



* 2015.02.03 Kamisama comment. Very detailed. No mention of any illness

* 2015.02.06 yui comments Shiki on an interview to WHAT's IN

* 2015.02.11 Shiki digital release

* 2015.02.18 Shiki physical release

* 2015.02.14 yui Diary: Talks about valentiness, comments on Kuuki. Very deep post about freedom.
No mention of Shiki release or any illness


MARCH 2015

* 2015.03 Around this month, yui got married. (Date not confirmed officially.)
* 2015.03.26 yui's birthday. @FFLOWER_STAFF only tweeted at midnight "日付変わりまして" (The date changed)

* 2015.03.30 A close friend of yui's said: "For yui, there are good days, and bad days"


APRIL 2015

* 2015.04.17 yui announces she is married and pregnant. Also confirms she is still under treatment for panic disorder. Didn't say when she got married or how many months of pregnancy she had.
* 2015.04.18 An anonymous reporter published that yui already had 5 months of pregnancy and that she only got married in March, accusing her of having a shotgun wedding. Information was not either confirmed or refuted.


MAY 2015

* 2015.05.09 yui's baby is kicking. (Asumption based on a secret source)


JUNE 2015

2015.06.02 Her belly is noticeably big (Reported by secret source)
2015.06.26 Announcement of "FIND ME Visual Best" MV Colleciton


JULY 2015

2015.07.01 yui diary. She made a description of toumeina uta. Didn't write about her illness or pregancy or the release of FIND ME

2015.07.29 yui diary. Ohayou no Kiss wo commentary. Also, mentioned the release of FIND ME.
Last diary to date (Last review August 2016)



File: 1427294529150.jpg (136.91 KB, 765x1024, OKAMEINKO Tour schedule.jpg)



Okameinko Tour schedule. Notice FLOWER FLOWER is not listed.


File: 1427305208018.jpg (93.28 KB, 480x854, 2013.01.25 Sendai Junk Box….jpg)



2013.01.25 live at Sendai JUNKBOX. yui's new look leaked on Twitter by a fan.


File: 1427472123329.jpg (69.06 KB, 1024x1024, 2013.07.08 ZERO.jpg)


* 2013.07.07 THE MUSIC DAY LIVE presented by "ZERO"

Only picture of the event… was this taken by a fan? Can't remember.



2015.08.06~ yui gave birth to male twins. (The date matches information of the anonymous reporter who wrote about it earlier.)
2015.08.09 Press release. She is in good health and planning to resume her career.

No updates on the official website were published.



thank you!!!


I'm without words


I cant believe im seeing al this!!


I don't have enough words to describe how I feel after reading this…

First of all, thank you so much for sharing this with us. I can only imagine how hard it must've been for you to gather all this information and decide to make it public…

I've been wondering what's going on for a long time… I always had a feeling that there's something wrong with this weird silence from them.

It's really sad to see what a bad management can do to such great artist and nice person like yui. It seems that only because she decided to not to follow their rules, they took it as a huge offense. The ones that were supposed to take care of her actually are trying to break her down. Piece by piece.

We can only hope for the best. As fans kept in the dark, that's the only thing left now.


I started following her and this community around 2011, when How Crazy Your Love had just came out. Depressing to see it ends like this.

Nevertheless, thank you for sharing and for all the effort you've put in over the years, Kikino. Best of luck to yui, regardless of what she ends up doing.


Can I cry?


I'm going to cry…how can such a beautifully talented person be ignored and treated badly?! Don't understand why she even went back with sony. Those bastards are the cause of her illness! Probably made her feel bad about herself and stressed.. Now look at the situation she's in.

Moral of the story, never sign with a major company, the music industry is owned by soulless people. She would've been better off just singing in the street like she used to tbh..

The weight gain news is pretty surprising, but she still looks cute XD ..Go the indie route Yui! We'll still love and support you. Thanks admins for sharing all this news, I'm sure everyone appreciates it! Can't wait to
hear the unreleased songs if you release it.


Does anyone know when exactly did it start going downhill? I mean, for Holidays In The Sun she seemed really positive about making that album and experimented with synths and shakers and such (plus there's that beautiful cover of her smiling). But with How Crazy Your Love the whole theme didn't sound convincing and the album itself felt rushed and came out with a few tacky songs…

I'm just wondering how she can go from being so enthusiastic about her career to wanting to quit as a solo artist within the span of 1-2 years…it seems like she made the decision to quit/change within an awfully short amount of time. Don't know how to explain myself fully or what else to say…


My suspicions started when hisashi stopped talking about YUI in dokutsubo and replaced her with other girls. I just remember hisashi didn't work with yui in fight single, couldn't be specific about dates. I remember asking him about it and he said his assistant was taking care of YUI at that moment. Maybe there were differences of opinion within the staff too. But there are no reliable facts from those times.


Yeah, I think things were ok around "Holidays in the Sun" days. She was already trying to experiment things in her music and it turned out a great album.

But besides Hisashi, I think a big sign was "It's My Life" and "HELLO" singles. At this point, they were trying to take her music into another direction. Maybe they wanted to make her compete with other artists that follow this style, don't know… Anyways, I don't think she was happy about it. The TV presentations for these songs felt so awkward, she didn't look confortable. Another evidence for me is the B-sides songs: they're SO different from de A-sides that they could be placed in another single.

It was even more strange for me when the next productions were released: it was like "It's My Life" and "HELLO" had never existed! Sadly, in the end of everything (although we didn't know that), "Green a.live" and "fight" releases were already messed up, so badly promoted.

Maybe I'm just imagining some crazy stuff, but the differences between these singles shows how conflicting the creative direction was…

I can only think like this now after such a long time. Back then, I just thought it was Sony being Sony and doing a lazy job…

Well, just some random thoughts I had about the matter. I have no evidence for any of this…


I see… Well at the very least we know she was sick of creating the same melodies/song structures… Maybe it wasn't one incident, but a slow realisation that she was being controlled too much and in an uninspiring environment.


Hmm maybe hisashi wasn't the bad guy, maybe yui told him she will quit so he just started to focus on other talent…. Didn't she have problems with the Boss? Whoever that is.. The CEO? I never knew who the BOSS was lol


No no, Hisashi was never the bad guy.
BOSS is some guy right below SME's CEO. He's some kind of supervisor of all labels.

>>I think a big sign was "It's My Life" and "HELLO" singles.

Yeaaa now that you mention it. For me HELLO was weird, but I always thought "Hey YUI has the right to experiment and if she wants to explore that cute side of her, I'm totally fine with it" (And man I loved it!).
I always thought it would be a one time thing. But when It's my life came out right after HELLO, I felt something was off…
Seeing YUI dressing like a clown and winking to the camera felt so awkward.
And if you compare those songs with YOU and Your Heaven, you can almost think its a whole different artist.

Well, we can only speculate about the starting point of all this. I doubt yui will ever talk straight about it.

Now that I remember, many of those summer festivals she went to at that time were not covered by staff or media either. YUI's "image ban" was aaaalways an issue. Even hisashi got in trouble for posting pictures in his blog without authorization. Other Stardust or Sony artists are not like that. I would love to know who is behind those decisions… Maybe it's yui herself. Who knows. I'm tired of all this sht.


Yes the image bans are/were complete bullshit. Reading back on the staff diarys etc a man working at Hong Kong airport wanted her picture when she was heading back to japan, and they had to ask her staff if it was okay.. Like seriously? Why tf does she have to ask staff first for one little picture?! A ton of artists are constantly taking pics and selfies with their fans…


Thanks for sharing!
But I see there have been some threads deleated recently…T_T I came back to check something again, only to find out that specific threads I wanted to read have been erased. Is there any reason???T_T


^^ People in the shadows ^_^; sorry


File: 1429336402341.png (126.76 KB, 600x1024, 2012.11.15 last flower flo….png)

Screenshot of the last entries of her secret blog.


File: 1443031613523.jpg (78.51 KB, 583x782, ishihara.JPG)


2015.09.20 Yukika Ishihara posted a picture on twitter. Yui's eye is clearly visible.

2015.09.24 Yukika tweeted again, a picture of a cake that said "congratulation on your twins, yuibon." She replied to the fans that yui is doing fine.


File: 1443031667419.jpg (116.55 KB, 878x931, 2015.09.20 yukika Ishihara….jpg)



2015.10.02 @FFLOWER_STAFF wrote "We met yui and she's fine."
After this tweet, the account was abandoned until May 2016

2015.10.14 yui met with Nishio Yoshihiko at a two man live with Ieiri Leo. They had a long conversation. http://blog.v-pro.jp/?eid=995260





2015.12.08 yui was invited to a birthday party held by Nishio Yoshihiko, but she couldn't attend due to one of her kids had a fever http://blog.v-pro.jp/?eid=995262
2015.12.25 "fight" was announced to be sapporo beer relay race thing ad theme song. News came out on YUI-net without further comments. The song used was edited to include a choir towards the end.







MARCH 2016

2016.03 yui's 1st wedding anniversary
2016.03.13 miwa said in a radio show yui sent a picture of the twins to her and they are growing fast and cute.
2016.03.21 yui went to a bianconero live. Reported on twitter by a witness.

2016.03.26 yui's birthday was unacknowledged


APRIL 2016


MAY 2016

2016.05.25 @FFLOWER_STAFF Tweeted: "たまに、いろいろやってます" after roughly 7 months of silence.


JUNE 2016


JULY 2016

2016.07.02 Information of a new single is leaked (Release Sept.06th )

2016.07.06~08 yui's children are 11 months old.

2016.07.14 FFLOWER STAFF tweets a random story unrelated to the new single. https://twitter.com/FFLOWER_STAFF/status/753780076144058368

2016.07.18 Undisclosed source close to yui confirms she has greatly recovered from her health condition and is focusing on taking care of her kids.

2016.07.21 A week later, another meaningless tweet of a picture of FF logo.

2016.07.29 One year since the last yui diary.



File: 1470092154806.jpg (196.51 KB, 960x674, 2016.08.01 excite.jpg)


2016.08.01 New Single "Takaramono" is announced. New official picture of the band.

2016.08.06 yui's children are 1 year old.

2016.08.29 13 months since the last yui diary.


File: 1473453755060.jpg (108.29 KB, 960x593, 2016.09.09 Rokin.jpg)


2016.09.07 Takaramono Release. A couple of interviews published. No Diary.

2016.09.08 First picture if yui's (uncovered) face after two years.


File: 1474770082612.jpg (409.24 KB, 1280x956, 2016.09.19 tower records 1….jpg)

2016.09.19 2 pictures of yui were posted on tsutaya and tower records twitter accounts. they were removed a couple of minutes later without explanation.

2016.09.29 14 months since the last yui diary.



2016.10.20 yui Diary after 15 months. Apparently she confirmed she gave birth to a third child.



2016.11.26 staff announced on twitter they were working a bit. Apparently they made some recordings.






I have been thinking about why yui stayed with Sony for a while and I have a theory that yui stayed with Sony because Sony is able to cover her treatment. And by that I mean that Sony agreed to help her find treatment for her panic disorder and to cover the costs in exchange for yui staying with her label. It makes sense once you think about this.

In Japan, psychiatrists are hard to come by and when they do they are really expensive. The mental health system in Japan is really bad. You don't have to go that far to find out which countries have a terrible mental health system (just look at the suicide rates). To give you an idea of how bad, my autistic friend just moved to the US to find better treatment because the doctors were accusing her mother of abusing her. The Japanese society is all about conformity and perfection and there is a terrible stigma with having a mental illness or a learning disability in Japan. The majority of the Japanese general public keep a greater social distance with people with a mental illness especially in close personal friendships. This might explain why yui's staff is ignoring her.

About yui, people are saying that she got panic disorder from mixing her meds with alcohol.
First of all, it is common knowledge here in the West that you don't mix alcohols with some medications because of the effects and if you don't really know if that's a fact with your medication, you don't risk it.
I really don't think that is possible to get panic disorder from that but it can be a trigger that makes it worse. So I blame yui's doctor for that.

Secondly, I highly believe that yui already had panic disorder by the time she announced her hiatus. Which leads me to conclude this: I believe that's the reason why yui retired from her activities as being YUI is because of the negative stigma she might receive after it is revealed she has panic disorder. Like how in an interview, she says she doesn't wan't her "fans to be heartbroken" and that "YUI is so precious and special to me that I want to leave it as it is right now." There is a pressure for YUI to be perfect but like what she says in her diary, she "is just human."

In conclusion, I don't think Sony are the bad guys. And if they are helping her with her treatment, I'm really glad about that because I care about yui's health. She is really lucky to be getting treatment. But this is just a theory that I have and I'm not 100% sure if its true but it is an explanation that makes sense.



Its possible I guess.

But even if that were true, Sony paid yui's treatment only to keep her under their control. Thats still kinda cruel… But I guess yui didn't have any other choice at that time.

I don't think yui's panic dissorder was triggered by that alchocol incident. I think she was already under treatment and she was just irresponsible. The party was too fun and she didn't control herself. I know a coulpe of friends who went through the same xD No big deal.

I dont think YUI decided to end her career because of the illness. One the contrary, it was her career as YUI that left her in that depressive state, and she was tired of it.
Even before the announcement she was already playing in secret as FLOWER FLOWER and she was having a lot of fun. She discovered something new and the old "YUI" was not fulfilling anymore. That's how I see it.

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