YUI Application for your iPhone *Update*



In the previous entry, a couple of people pointed out that they couldn’t find the application on iTunes Store.
It looks like Sony decided to take it out of iTunes store just a couple of days after it was released.
I don’t know the reason, since it looks really nice and there is a lot of work behind it.
(Despite the fact it crashes a lot)

Since the app is not available at the moment, I decided to record a little video so you guys can check it out.

At the beginning I thought that only users with Japanese iTunes accounts were allowed to download this app, but apparently, some people in Singapore managed to install the application also. (And one Chilean)

The original link was this: http://itunes.apple.com/jp/app//id476533449?mt=8

Too bad… Let’s hope they will make an update and make it available for all the fans in the future.