YUI Diary (2010.05.01) – HP Renewal!!


HP Renewal !
! *HP = homepage
Translated by waratte

Mina-san, are you staying healthy?

YUI ???
This is YUI.

It’s now Golden Week in May.
It’s a sense of attitude change, isn’t it?

Since the weather has been good, I want to walk and ride my bicycle ~ among
other things, in the studio recording has been going steadily and favourably !

Such as, the homepage has been renewed !
Isshii arigatou !

Mina-san, thank you very much for your comments on the renewal ! !
The change of color gives a fresh feeling, doesn’t it?

?????????????????????????????HIGHER GROUND2010?????????????
And, I had the privilege of appearing on “Mezamashi Terebi”,
And I was chosen to perform at Summer Fes. “HIGHER GROUND 2010” !
Arigatou gozaimasu ! !

It’s the first performance of the event, I’ll be trembling !
Certainly Summer Fes will be fun !

Also, for the 2nd(?) time I bought new headphones !
In the studio the sound of the headphones is not different at all,
to keep it the same, I compared them myself like an electric appliance store person. <<< YUI’s so smart. i do that too

My own personal recording-use headphones ! ! (from like a late-night mail-order program. laugh)

I was considering buying it but wasn’t sure about forgetting or not !

So with that, it hasn’t been a long time but,
let’s enjoy ourselves ! !

Dewa dewa, adieu.


The second one shows the speaker’s face !

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