YUI Diary (2011.09.25) – Ni Hao


Ni Hao!

translated by cyclo

Good evening, everyone.

It’s YUI.

I have come to Shanghai !
Everyone is so warm !

The atmosphere is different from Hong Kong so its refreshing once again?
There have been many moving moments too, and I felt that I could update my diary easily!

First things first, Shanghai’s famous location: Wai Tan.

The vibrant night ambience is an amazing sight.

Shanghai language (Mandarin) is difficult, I could only say Ni Hao (Hello) and Xie Xie (Thank You) repeatedly. YUI desu.

dewadewa, because it’s become Autumn, please be careful not to catch a cold??




I still haven’t had a chance to eat Shanghai Crab

But I had delicious chinese delicacies like xiao long bao (steamed dumplings) and Sweet and sour pork.

Also, just before coming to Shanghai, I couldn’t get Orange Range’s Shanghai Honey out of my head.

I ended up mixing the words, and sang [Shanghai Crab-ga]. ** Shanghai Honey pronounced Shanghai Ha-Ni, while Shanghai Crab pronounced Shanghai Ga-Ni**

Orange Range,
I’m Sorry!!!

That was quite a random comment eh. lol

????Good night?
Everyone, Good night?
I hope we can all get a good sleep.


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