YUI surprises the audience performing at Paradise Kiss premium screening


Singer songwriter YUI held a meeting in the capital on May 30th. She is the creator of the theme song and ending song of the movie Paradise Kiss. She appeared as a surprise guest in the private screening. Right after the end of the movie, she enthusiastically performed the theme song ?HELLO?Paradise Kiss??on the stage.

Before the screening, Kitagawa Keiko, Mukai Osamu and other cast, held a stage greeting, but YUI’s attendance was not informed to the audience at all. After the end roll, the equipment was brought in complete darkness, there was a commotion in the venue.

Then she greeted the audiences by saying “I’m YUI” with the spotlight on her. In the centre of the stage, as the guitar holding YUI’s figure rose to the surface, the audience’s screams of excitement also rose. YUI naturally urged the audience to clap a beat, and sang HELLO?Paradise Kiss? enthusiastically! The audience were intoxicated by her voice.

After finished singing, YUI said “Thanks for staying for such a long time today. Let’s all meet again! I’m YUI” and left the stage with a refreshing smile; the room was filled with cheers and applause.

Kitagawa-san and Mukai-san did a greeting on sweetbox’s concert. And with YUI’s performance after the movie itself, it became an unforgettable night for the audiences.

Source: CinemaCafe, CinemaToday

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