B=PASS Dec issue – Questions from YUI-Lover members answered!


About a month ago, B=PASS asked readers to send questions to YUI through Twitter.
Blackdog and Hirotana helped YUI-Lover members to translate their questions.
aron94, azmikun, gotchi, nana, xerithn hamza and blackdog were selected and YUI answered their questions!

Translation by cyclo and azmi.

The other day you said that you want to try bungee jumping, so have you tried it?

I haven’t tried it. I said that I want to try was just a joke, but because it looks like became a real talk, so I was thinking “could I run away from this”, but…….some people knew about this uh? (LOL)

So, you feel it’s impossible?

No. But I think I will get scared. As my age become older, I became scared to high place. It’s scary.

How many guitar you have? Do you give name to your guitar? I want to give name to my guitar, so if you have recommendation please tell me!

Hmm..I think it’s about 10 or no? I have 5 acoutic guitars, as for electric guitar, I have few….not less than 10 I think (LOL). My friend gave name “Stephanie” to my acoustic guitar. “Why is it a foreign name?” I asked my friend. That kind of name is interesting, right?  Maybe you can give name “POCI”

Japan-ish name is not good? such as “masako” for example.

That’s good. I think(e.u band) member’s ARISA give name to her keyboard. Japan-ish name. I think it’s “Takashi”

So, you don’t give name to your guitars, right?

I don’t.

Do you have any plans for a world tour?

There are no plans at all yet (Haha). If I had the courage I would like to do it.


When driving, what sort of music do you like to listen to?

?Jason Mraz???????????John Mayer?Jason Mraz???????????????????????????????????????????????
Jason Mraz is fine anywhere. I like John Mayer, Jason Mraz, as well as the radio, because I can listen to new songs. What? Who is this person? and I investigate about the artist with that feeling.


I’m the Canadian who participated in the es.car dance during the HK Live. It was very fun. What style of dance would YUI-san like to try out?

Enyakora style, maybe? lol. Since I can’t really dance, (can’t figure out what this is) is also difficult, even though it’s not a dance, a dance that I can remember immediately would be good.

Enyakora = A chant/yell used while dancing in ancient Japan.


A question from Singapore. What are you most afraid of?

Cockroach!? Society! maybe. What’s there I wonder? Even though I say I’m afraid of it, it’s not something that will create an unpleasant feeling. Doesn’t a cockroach make you imagine things?

How about ghosts?

I’m afraid of ghosts too but…

Are you fine with bugs?

U~un, no way. I grew up close to nature but, as I grew up, I developed a fear of bugs, and unfortunately became scared of touching them. It’s gross when their legs come off that’s why. It’s kind of pitiful so I don’t touch it.

Are frogs and snakes ok?

I guess maybe I can touch green frogs. They are like little dinosaurs, I’m scared already.

?Midorigaeru =  Japanese tree frog


If you could travel in time, would you like to travel to the past or future, and what would you like to do?

I definitely have to go don’t I. I guess it would be the past. It would definitely be bad to see my future. I’ll go back to the past, and eat a christmas cake. The one I had when I was an elementary school student.

If I could add on, what if you could meet someone like Ryouma Sakamoto, or Marie Antoinette, etc.

I guess I would meet Queen Himiko? ah, Kiyosirou Imawano-san, Donto-san too. I want to try listening to people like them speak.

?????(Ryouma Sakamoto)
It’s difficult to explain but, he’s someone in Japanese history who was very popular.

???? (Himiko)
A queen when Japan was still called Wakoku (Weiguo) by Chinese rulers (AD200)

??????????(Kiyosirou Imawano)

???? (Donto)
The person who was BO GUMBOS’ vocalist
YUI wrote it in her diary about [Yume no Naka] from the DVD [Time Bokaan]

?????????[Tunnel Nukete]


If YUI-san could spend 1 day with a fan, what would you like to try doing together?

That sounds fun eh?

How about a barbecue?

ah! good idea!

I received a praise lol

A barbecue would be good eh. Barbecue is good! BBQ!


Please tell us 3 criteria for choosing a new home when changing residences.

The most important factor is the ambiance. When you enter the home and an image of a good life wells up, that would be good. Next is the environment of the neighbourhood. If it is close to nature, near a convenience store, as well as good security etc. First is your affinity I think, with the room.


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