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YUI’s Birthday Fanbook Project

Join, Join, Join !!! Here is your chance to show YUI your love by sending her a Birthday Message! Time is short so don't wait. (Read the full article) Join, Join, Join !!! YUI's Birthday Fanbook Project Join, Join, Join !!! YUI's birthday, March 26,...

GLORIA Banner Vote

VOTING ENDS JANUARY 20th daibasu Nishayuki Nishayuki #2 xinping2016 xinping2016 #2 azmikun azmikun #2 azmikun #3 steff-ahh-knee steff-ahh-knee #2 lanfix lanfix #2 lanfix #3 Drac Drac #2 rukia f. jones rukia f. jones #2 *simply_kawaii* bo_thug yukiabbey Reffer Lift xfantasee ionnedarthea dso gigabyte AK-KuroHitsugi marcasjr shangzz_008 So many beautiful ones to choose from!

YUI-LOVER banner contest!

A new single is coming, so its time to start the traditional banner contest! The theme of course is "GLORIA and its glorious awesomeness" The contest starts NOW NOW NOW so we are waiting for your entries. You can post...

YUI Lover Challenge! – Copyrighted YUI

YUI lovers have started an interesting activity to show their disaproval on the actual restriction made by *certain company* to YUI-san's public image. All this started with an image posted by Hisashi Kondo himself: And so we replied: The challenge is still...