FLOWER FLOWER at Ebisu Garden Hall (2017.06.30) — Live report


Original report of the 2nd stage thanks to Akabaneouji
Translation: Kikino, Spring-san, AIKO

It appeared that back in YUI’s era the ratio of fans was about 60% male. But in this concert the majority seemed to be female.
Before the concert you could see some ads being projected on a screen on stage. Considering the type of crowd (mostly young females) it was probably a good idea. The title of the concert was?ALLSAINTS presents “Fashion with Music” FLOWER FLOWER?

When yui and the band came on stage there was a second of silent tension.

YUI changed during the past four year. We, the audience changed too. Even though some tried not to. But there are things that didn’t change. And others that cannot change. This is what I realized today.

This report is spoiler-heavy, so if you are planning to go to Nagoya please stop right here.

The first song was “Fuyu”, from the mini album “Shiki”. It seems like they chose this as the opening song for all the concerts of this tour. Although I thought they would have chosen a stronger song as a kick off to shake the nervousness away.
Considering she almost didn’t write any messages during this three years, I thought she would just say “I’m back” when the time came to talk to the crowd.

YUI’s voice used to be both delicate and strong. It had some kind of balance. She had a thorough voice training for sure. The audience listened to them motionless. and the place became so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. The concentration of the crowd was impressive. Everyone was dead silent.
By the way. Some people seem to mistake mafumafu’s instrument with a double bass, but it’s actually a cello.

After that, he changed the instrument to his usual bass. yui took her hat off and started singing “seki wo tatsu”. This songs always follows the same formula. The first two songs are performed without guitar. Yui only sings.

For the third song, “toumeina uta”, yui prepares her guitar. Most people in the audience are still silent, wearing the blue towels around their necks.

And then the first MC: “Good evening~ We are FLOWER FLOWER” As always yui doesn’t know what to say, so there was a pause “…” Right after that she says to murajun “Say something!
From the always silent crowd someone shouted “Welcome back!” to which yui just said “Ah. Sorry…

In her place, murajun says “We have returned. Sorry for the long silence” yui: “We missed you.” murajun replied. “I know~ haha. It’s been three and a half years so we are a bit nervous. Are you all nervous too?

yui seemed to feel like she had to say something: “It’s already the second performance, though. It doesn’t matter if my voice is dry. I should just go with it? Yaaay! For what? For what?” She tried to warm the crowd with that. It’s been three and a half years and yet she hasn’t changed a bit. I’m sure you could have come up with something other than that?!

This day there were seats prepared for everyone, and to this point everyone was quietly sitting in silence. Then yui said “Shall we stand up? …Ah, but those who have difficulties just remain seated.” As always, yui was being considered with everyone.

Yui: “Okay, shall we get excited in an old-fashioned waaay?
Audience: “Yaay!!!
Yui: “That’s not enough yet…”
Audience: “Yaaaaaay!!!

Tsuki intro started playing and people started clapping to the beat.

With “Kamisama” and “Subarashii sekai” the excitement arisen to the one of a proper rock concert.
The thrill increased little by little. “You can do much longer right?!” For me, it’s just getting started.
Mafumafu and murajun looked at eachother and laughed.

Here, yui introduced her acoustic guitar. “STARTLINE”. I was super sure this song would come up. Because today the band FLOWER FLOWER is starting once again.

And for the second MC. Someone shouted “YUI!” To which yui replied jokingly “Am I really YUI, I wonder?” What was that all about?! She continued: “Sacchan hasn’t said anything yet!” mafumafu replied: “If you ask me about sacchan I’d say he’s more like a blog guy

Murajun in a serious tone: “Today’s clothing were kindly sponsored by ALLSAINTS. Thank you very much.” *applause* yui broke the seriousness by saying “And now we will talk for 30 minutes.

It really feels like a private house” “I’m surprised to see so many people in here”, yui began to joke. She even began Impersonating of Ken Shimura (Japanese comedian). Audience bursts into laughter again and again. This kind of uncoordinated MC with no plan is also an attraction of FuraFura concerts.

yui: “Should we talk some more? Everyone will catch the last train. They will have to rush for sure…
murajun: “I think this should be enough” yui: “Someone please tell us” They laughed still.
yui interrupted murajun right when she was talking to continue with the next thing.

“Lately I have thought a lot about life… and that couple that helped me so much and inspired this song
And she sang the song. About which she had once said “I can’t forget the moment when the switch was turned on that started the fire and burnt the wife into bone and ash.

In the encore someone asked “Should we stand?” yui: “It’s okay!
This is something that bands should decide beforehand but FURAFURA really didn’t decide anything about this stuff lol

Okay. this is a song that we recently finished, please listen. When it started it felt like yui had the lead guitar. But it was murajun’s keyboard. Seems like this band does this a lot.
(The new song is mannequin)

If you weren’t able to come to this concert, don’t worry. They were recording it so it will most likely be released. There were a lot of cameras. A crane camera and some in front of the stage. There were several cameras in the hall recording too. They explained it before the curtain rising. Are they planning to use it on the next album? It’s not clear yet, but we will see it soon or later for sure.

I wonder if today’s illumination and decorations were made exclusively for this performance? I can’t really tell.

The second song in the encore was the b-side of “Takaramono” single, “Honou” yui sang without guitar using only a microphone. She kept moving her hand up and down walking and closing her eyes. It resembled her performance of “Shake My Heart” from her 5th tour.

Many people are waiting for FLOWER FLOWER to start doing more concerts like before, so I really hope the next concerts to be on bigger venues so tickets will be easier to get.

FLOWER FLOWER June 30th Ebisu Garden Hall 2nd Stage setlist
2.????(seki wo tatsu)
3.???????(toumeina uta)
6.???????(subarashii sekai)
1.??(New Song. Mannequin)

Since it was two performances in one day, it was a short presentation of only 11 songs. With the exception of the addition of one new song, it was an expected setlist.

No more yui diaries uh. Is that gonna be a thing forever?