Hisashi Kondo Dokutusbo (2011.05.16) — Kaji-kun, yoroshiku!! It’s so usual of Maimai!! The volume in sapporo


Kaji-kun, yoroshiku!! It’s so usual of Maimai!! the volume in sapporo

This diary translated itself

By the way
for the sake of Hong Kong’s concert

We had a rehearsal the other day~

This time!!
Guitarist will be
The legendary man!
The familiar Kaji-kun!

… at the soba restaurant.

YUI and Kaji-kun’s
Tag revival
(no idea)

I can feel a mucchaburi coming on stage!!
(something to do with some TV show)


Something to look forward right?
We count on your support.

By the say
a little late
Maimai’s tempura set appeared~

As you would expect from her!!

Thank you very much.



Later on, I will be in Hokkaido
for the live broadcast.

Yoroshiku onagaishimasu.

This is the video Arisa is playing at the end in her iPhone.
The name of the puppet is Nyanchu.
Discretion advised.

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