HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN Interview at Lawson Ticket (2010.07.13)


Translated by MrSean

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YUI has accomplished quite a feat, her latest single “To Mother”, released in June, is her fifth consecutive single to top the charts at #1. All these songs will appear on her soon-to-be-released new album. And, after 2 years and 2 months, she will go on tour starting this September. The curtain rises on a new season for this artist.


Up till now, making music wholeheartedly without compromising

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A message that shoots straight through your heart and a voice that moves your spirit is the appeal of YUI. From “Summer Song” to the newest “To Mother”, her last 5 singles have hit #1 on the charts, an overwhelming popularity to be proud of. Surprising her fans in 2008 by taking a sudden break, 2 years and 3 months later she is releasing a new album, “Holidays in the Sun”. On her thoughts about her new comeback work, and her tour this September, her first in over two years, she spoke enthusiastically about it to us.

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? “Holidays in the Sun” is a diverse collection of songs. Colorful and moving. (lit. heart-bouncing)

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“Being released in July, sparkling summer-like things are good. “Summer Song” was the oldest single to make in on the album, but looking back from that time, already that song was a forward-looking omen, I think.”

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? When “Summer Song” came out, that was when you took your Refresh break.

“Yes. At first, I wasn’t sure what form of a comeback I could do, now, I feel very thankful being able to do this kind of work. So, up until now, I have always fully put my heart into it, taken the time and made this album without compromising.

?As for the sound, you challenge yourself with Southern and Gospel styles, etc, it felt ambitious.

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“From here, I was challenging myself for a slightly more mature sound. “Parade” is an acoustic, bossa nova-like song, and the lyrics are about(maybe sung by?) a cute girl. “” has a rock sound, and its lyrics about the feelings of beginning to love carry the balance, is new, I think. Actually, I rode the Enoshima Escar, it was fun (laugh). Also, recently I’ve gotten into the shaker, in using it in “”, “Shake My Heart”, etc.”

?It adds a nice flavor.

“Thank you very much. I have been studying rhythm and thought I would go buy one, the shape is cute and I’m pleased with it. Usually, it is in my bag when I’m out walking around, and when I run even a little bit I make a “shaka-shaka” noise. It’s a little embarrassing (laugh)”

?Your vocals range from a powerful singing to a delicate voice, very expressive. (lit. very abundant facial expressions, but I don’t know if they were commenting on her face)

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“In order to bring the image of the song closer, I think about that while singing. In “Shake My Heart”, I was picturing an image of having fun cruising, and because of that put a lot into the chorus. I asked the guys in the staff that were in the studio, “Would you sing for me?” There was one mike that they all recorded noisily into, and that ambiance was well transmitted.”

At the Live Shows, I think people will see a new me.

?The tour for the new album starts in September, right?

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I love going to as well as performing live shows. A place where undiluted music is made is great. Also, it’s an important place for motivation (encouragement). Every time there is wonder and discovery, new things and challenges I want, I think. For example, during rehearsal and such, I’ll play around hitting the drums because playing a new instrument is a challenge….? I’ll be accompanying my singing on a piano for a song, etc. Please come out and look forward to it.”

?Your last tour closing date, some 3 years ago, was a Budoukan live!

Last time, I was so nervous, actually standing there, (not sure of this phrase. something like “it wasn’t disagreeable”. I think she’s saying she was so nervous, she couldn’t relax and enjoy the performance, but I’m not sure). It was so big and the seats were so far away, I thought. But, in reality, they were pretty close, and had a feeling of security. I’m really happy I will be able to look out at that scene during a show again. This time our live show is more energetic and we’ll be working hard. Please look forward to it!”

Interviewer: Tachibana Yuuko
People Things?Interview Small Talk

“When going to a new hall, I usually find a secluded area to explore”

“I love live shows”, says YUI-san. At her concerts, a great many people get excited, and naturally are cheering. “Because we’re human, there are times when we’re not as excited. But the moment leave backstage and come out in the center, it becomes extremely enjoyable. At those times, a concert is like a living thing. It feels like you receive the power of everyone who comes.”

In September, after 2 years and 2 months, the tour starts. When you first walk in to a new venue, is there something you do without exception?

“When I get to a new venue, I always check out various seats, listening to the band rehearsing and checking out the sound. Usually, I will find a secluded area to explore. I climbed up to a one-man spotlight, but it was very high and scary. I said, “bad place” and gave that up (laugh). When I think about light coming from such a high place, it naturally produces a feeling of gratitude (that’s the literal translation….) When I’m finished exploring, I sit in front of the PA and stretch. Through stretching your body, your mood changes and relaxes you.” Take a deep breath of that concert hall air, that shifting, changing figure appears before your eyes, performing live! We can’t wait for YUI-san’s exciting tour!

Source: Lawson Ticket