Staff Diary (2010.08.04) — Because it’s fast… (Shibuya music stores)


Because it’s fast…

Translated by the last man standing

3 weeks have passed already
since HITS release!

Everyone, there is a heat wave so
are you all right?

For all the messages since the release,
really thank you so much! (tears)

The touch of everybody’s feelings
is received as a daily energy…

becoming more and more hot
the days have passed rapidly

?????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN??????????
Even now I listen to HITS!!

As I expected it’s the best album right?

????????ROCK IN JAPAN FES????
This week is the accustomed ROCK IN JAPAN FES.

To the ones attending to the grounds, let’s fully enjoy the summer together ok?!

I can’t wait~~

And finnaly, once again!!

Thank you for the lot of messages sent!!!!



P.S. Today, the fully loaded scenery of Shibuya that inmediately followed the release,

was sent~~

Please take care of the heat strokes~~

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