Staff Diary (2011.01.26) (1) — [It’s My Life / Your Heaven] Release Day!!


?It’s My Life / Your Heaven??????!!!
?It’s My Life / Your Heaven? release day!!

Translated by azmikun

?It’s My Life / Your Heaven??
everyone, good day!!
since yesterday until today the weather is good, isn’t it
and it became a peacefully
?It’s My Life / Your Heaven?
release day!!



Thank you for a lot of messages about you all already got the CD
we are very happy.

YUI???????????It’s My Life??
?Your Heaven??
?Your Heaven??MUSIC VIDEO?
?YUI in Sweden Special Movie??
?It’s My Life? is filled with hot thought of YUI
“in order not to lose your passion and love, let’s keep moving”,
and ?Your Heaven? that full packed with Sweden atmospher feeling.
In limited edition Your Heaven MV and Sweden Special Movie are included.
Certainly, please try to watch and listen to it!!!

??12:00??YUI?Sony Music Online Japan?

Today starting 12:00 on Sony Music Online Japan YUI’s Site Jack
will be open!
(time period : 1/26 (wed) 12:00~1/27 (thu) 24:00)
Please try to check it ok?

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