Staff Diary (2011.11.13) (2) — Today, from Oomiya, the nation-wide tour starts!!


?????????????????? (2011/11/13)
Today, from Oomiya, the nation-wide tour starts!!

Translated by kiki

Hello everyone.

Finally today, From Oomiya Sonic City

?YUI 5th Tour 2011-2012 Cruising?HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE??

Is starting!!

When noon passed, the surroundings of the venue were already crowded with guests buying goods!!

Thank you very much!!

I want to introduce to you the Goods Corner at once.

Yuppii is doing a reception in the entrance.

A display with marine taste.

We made this so you can look at them with your own hands.

Yuppii noodles and postcards.

Stained glass plates restricted to the venues, Keitai straps.

Also, “Deco seals”!

Just like last year, this year we continue with another OMAMORI

And then,

At 14:00 the sale started!!

There are goods restricted to the venues only, but we are taking mail orders so please, everybody throughout the country, I’ll be happy if you check the Goods page.

The rehearsal will begin in no time.

Three hours left for the performance!!

I cant wait ?

To everyone in Oomiya,

Let’s have a blast together!!

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