Staff Diary (2011.11.24) — The doors have opened today too.


?????????? (2011/11/24)
The doors have opened today too.

Translated by Hatsumichan

The doors have opened today too.

It’s almost time.

Backstage, a special hair salon “MayumiX” (play on the name “Mayumi” and the word “mix”) has opened for business.

Super hair and makeup artist MayumiX

cut the hair of guitarist Kuro-chan.

Backy-san also came to the store before rehearsal ?

In the diary entry a little while ago, there were a lot of reactions saying, “What is ‘separate spicy'”, so let me expand upon that.

We first found out about it during the MC at the Morioka performance but,

in Morioka, where “reimen” (cold noodles that you dip in soup) originated, you get kimchi separate from the noodles and you can control the spiciness to your liking, however,

It’s the way the masters (of reimen) eat it, so we tried it out right away?

Morioka’s reimen is thicker and chewier than normal reimen.

It’s a little unusual, but there are fruits in it too?

Pears, apples, watermelon, etc…

It seems like it changes depending on the season.

Well then,


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