Staff Diary (2012.10.22) — The day after tomorrow is “Girl’s Meeting”!



The day after tomorrow is “Girl’s Meeting”! 

Translated by azmikun

Everyone, Hello.

It’s “Working horse”

Today we had an interview,
means we are in the midst of a lot Photographing?Interviews and vice versa!
The “working horse” above is an embroidery that
we “should be” able to see somewhere in the magazines.

But if you don’t looook it properly, probably you will miss it…

????YUI DIARY???????????
Also, it has been posted already in YUI DIARY,
we had recording for “Bokura no Ongaku” yesterday!

To be honest, the shooting was extended until late at night…
But I think really nice shots could be captured
so I want everyone to watch the on-air!

A, n, d
The day after tomorrow,
what everyone has been waiting for long
YUI Tribute Album
?SHE LOVES YOU?Selling day!
Everyone! Thank you for waiting!
While feeling excited about this “Girl’s Meeting” package,
open the CD okay~

Well then~!!!

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