Thoughts on I remember you and Cloudy (BARFOUT! October 2006)


This interview around the release of the single “I remember you” goes deeper than usual into YUI’s inner thoughts. It also offers a hint as to why she was seen holding tears back more than a couple of times during her tour.

Original transcript: Akabaneouji
Translation Kikino
Correction: Spring-san


? The new song is so good!
(Haha) Thank you so much. When we had a private showcase tour of the movie “Taiyou no Uta” many people gave me their impressions about the strong will to live of the protagonist, Amane Kaoru. So I thought I had to write those feelings down into a song.

? The protagonist of the song is a boy, so this is after the girl passed away.
Right. In the movie there is a scene where Fujishiro Kouji remembers Kaoru. But the song is not just about that. I think everyone has someone they can’t forget about, right? I thought it would be nice to make a song to remember the time we spent with them.

? I thought that was a novelty too. The echoes of the movie are connected to your next song. Feels like a sequel.
About that connection, it also marks the division of my return to music activities as “YUI”
(Note: In Good-bye days, she signs as YUI for Amane Kaoru)

? The name used this time is YUI, right? It feels like the end of the summer.
That’s true. The song really feels like the autumn wind of the end of the summer. When we recorded the music video it was awfully hot, though (Haha). I wrote this song little by little at nights at the hotel after the special screening tour of the movie. Then, after I was back to Tokyo, the song was practically completed and finished at the studio.

? Did you make a music session with your band?
Yes. I think it doesn’t have much complexity in terms of sound, but the spontaneity of simply singing to an acoustic guitar is there.

? The beginning is simple, but the at the chorus the dynamic feeling is hard to tolerate! There aren’t many instruments, but there is strength in it.
When I wrote the lyrics, at the verse “I won’t show my tears” there is some strength concealed, right? I just thought about that!

? Do you try to hide your tears in such situations?
Uhm… I think in such situations I try to suck it up and get over it. But there are times when you just can’t bear the pain or loneliness. Still, I try to take a deep breath and close my eyes.

? So, similar to the protagonist of the song you “Won’t show your tears”
Yeah. Because when you start crying the tears will start to fall down, right? When that happens I feel I want to stop crying immediately. So there is something in common with the protagonist of the song. But what I wanted to transmit the most with this song is the verse “Then I thought, we all live for someone for sure”. I really considered that concept. I’m sure everyone is alive to be supported by someone else. No matter how gloomy are the days ahead, there is someone out there waiting for you. I wanted people to realize that there are others we can rely on. I strongly feel that there are others we must live for and others that are there for us. I put those feelings into this song. It’s the thing I wanted to transmit the most.

? Was there a particular episode when you realized that or was it something you understood gradually?
It was gradual, for sure. I reaffirmed that thought by making this song. It made me want to reflect upon things more carefully.

? So you reaffirm the things you know by turning them into songs?
That’s often the case. Also, I think deeply about things. Fore sure “Let’s go forward” is simply a way to say “Do your best!”. It is a feeling that is always persistent, and I can clearly listen to it in my songs.

? The coupling song, “Cloudy”, has a sharp melody.
Cloudy can be either about your lover or friends. Not being able to see the feelings of the other person can make you feel very anxious, right? This song is about that topic

? The song says: “When I can’t meet you even a text in my phone is enough” Do you write text messages often?
Not really. But this time love takes form in written words, so it kind of feels like an effeminate presence? (smiles)

? Not at all!
Not knowing the other person’s feelings is the most uneasy thing. Even if we are together all the time, if you don’t talk to each other it can be unhealthy. So, I think it’s important to expressing our feelings more so we can connect properly. Yup (Haha). In the phrase “Even a text is enough” You are very anxious by not seeing the other person’s feelings, so you feel like knowing even a little would be better.

? When you are anxious you get the wrong ideas, right?
That’s right! Not knowing the other person’s feelings is a “Cloudy love”. Since ”I remember you” and “Good-bye days” are also included in the single I think you can feel the colors of the movie, so I thought it would be nice to include a song with a different feeling too. I think you have to listen to the arrange and lyrics from a different viewpoint. The guitar is a pretty distorted so I think it’s a song different from usual too.

? Uneasy feelings can also be transmitted through sounds right? In every single you also include an acoustic version. This time was a piercing version of “Good-bye days”!
(Haha) When singing the acoustic version of “Good-bye days” I could see the scenes of the movie floating around. So when we did the recording I sang while remembering those scenes. Somehow I wanted to sing it with a different kind of feel. From now on, I want to make a new experiment every time I have the chance.