yui and Norihiro Koizumi Appear at the Premiere of “Midnight Sun”


yui, 12 years after the recording of “Taiyou no uta”. Remembers certain “Incident”: “I didn’t know what to do.”

yui, who currently leads the 4-members band FLOWER FLOWER, appeared at the opening event for the movie “Midnight Sun”, now in theaters.

It is a painful yet lovely picture about Katie (Bella Thorne), a girl who can’t resist sunlight, so can only go out at nighttime, and Charlie (Patrick Schwarzenegger), a young man who had to abandon his dream of becoming a swimmer due to an injury.
In this event, yui, the protagonist of the original movie and the director, Norihiro Koizumi have a talk about the new movie and also recall memories of their work together.

It’s been 12 years since the release of the original movie, and about 8 since these two met for the last time.
Remembering the time when YUI made her debut as an actress she said “There was this incident where I had a big conflict with the director. And I immediately fled from the scene. It was my first experience as an actress, I didn’t know if I should do as the director said or follow the thoughts of the character as I felt them. I fumbled around not entirely sure of what to do, but the director said “I want to do something refreshing”. I had a strong will to do a good interpretation for the role, so disagreed with him.”

On the other side, Koizumi who was also making his debut as a movie director didn’t seem to remember that incident exactly, but recognized: “She really used to disappear suddenly from the scene.” yui replied: I didn’t know what to do or what to say. But while I tried to overcome that, there were lots of complications, explorations and conflicts I never dealt with before, so I think all that was reflected in the movie having a good result.

yui’s memories about the pre screening.
The reminiscent talks continued: “The director always used to say ‘Ready, Start!’ But in the day of the most important scene he said ‘Ready, Stooort!’ (haha) We all laughed so hard.” “I couldn’t concentrate on my acting. So we decided to laugh it out. Then we continued to shoot the scenes late at night” The story continued “It looks like he didn’t want to say ‘Ready, Start’ anymore”. Koizumi said: “So I changed it to ‘Ready, Hai!’ to which yui replied: ‘Then why didn’t you just say ‘Ready, Hey!’” That kind of relaxed talk continued.

Recalling the premiere, yui said: “I remember the director crying a lot. I was impressed by it. I thought he was a person that really loved his work.” Yorihiko Koizumi said: “I guess I forgot those inconvenient memories (Haha)”. “I must have cried for sure. It’s not inconvenient, its real.” He recognized awkwardly.

yui, interested about the poster
During the event, they talk about their impressions about the movie “midnight sun ?taiyou no uta?”. While the Director Koizumi was talking, yui keep on staring at the poster that was placed by her side. The director said, “what are you staring at? Doodles? Are you listening to my speech?”

When yui was asked, “I keep on staring and got interested on (Katie) Bella’s lips. Very attractive and jelly-like (jiggly). I wonder where did she get her lipstick?” She replied with a smile.

yui’s words leave an impact on everybody
Lastly, Trying to make a connection between the two movies, yui said: “There are times when you suddenly can’t meet that person that is important to you anymore, right? People die, in car accidents and such. To me, this ‘Midnight Sun’ movie makes me feel that I should meet those people immediately. If you happen to remember about someone you care about, please go and meet them right away.” yui said with teary eyes. The director Koizumi, the presenter and everyone in the audience were moved by those words remaining silent.
After feeling that solemn atmosphere yui said “…or maybe not? (Haha)” Feeling shy about what just had happened.




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