YUI Diary (2011.05.25) — Summer Festivals and Art Exhibitions


Good Evening.
Translated by azmikun

I’m YUI.

Because of an intense variation temperature, please take care of your health, ok?
If you catched a cold, please warm your body and have a rest?

Recently, there were a lot of things,
first, I went to a solo exhibition.

A solo exhibition from Manabe Tarou (Yume ni mukatte, usagi wa ikiru “Face towards dream, a rabbit is living”).

I felt a lot of strong messages from rabbit-chan there.

After I knew that the oil painting is pilled up with a lot of colors,
the part of color that I couldn’t see with my eyes, also transmitted as a message.
all the more, I felt a lot of things.

Fujiwara Youko-san.
I introduced a book of her in my diary before,
the truth is, since (taiyou no uta) she is the person who helped me a lot.

?????GREENROOM FESTIVAL????????????????
and then, I went to Summer Fest called (GREENROOM FESTIVAL).
I went to watch Hanaregumi which was I introduced their CD in my last diary.

It was a really pleasant musical atmosphere and so fun?

The scenery when I was in my way home.
I really love a scenery that I could see from the bridge like this.
> it felt that my car was steadly pass through the bridge.

and then, rehearsal!

somehow it looks like a living thing?

Kaji-san and MaiMai!

Rodey’s Attsuttsu!
Ichiko’s Papa?
He didn’t went to Hongkong, but he came for rehearsal.

and then, I went to photo’s exhibition recently!

Nagoshi Keisuke’s (Smokey Mountain)
The photos that was taken in Manila, Philippines.
I don’t know, but I felt that an emotion flow into my heart from
this various ordinary and scenery photos.

Nagoshi-san is Datte-chi’s husband.
After a long time, I also met with Datte-chi’s child, Mako-chan!

Mako-chan and Datte-chi’s mother came to last year’s budokan,
from that time she grew up quickly?
I;m so happy (^^)

from left, Nagoshi-san, Datte-chi&Mako-chan, me, a friend of Dattechi, Takashashi-san.

well then, I’m so sorry for long diary and put a lot of pictures! (><)

everyone, let’s take care our heath condition?

well then, adieu~?



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