YUI LOCKS! BACK AGAIN (2010.07.12) — ?Paper Airplane Diary SUMMER EDITION? Report and more!


Kamihikouki Diary
Paper Airplane Diary

Translated by Kikino (and one line by waratte)


???????????????YUI LOCKS?
YUI-sensei plays her guitar in the classrom
YUI LOCKS! begins from a calm guitar sound

“Ah, I made a mistake!!”

…Reading one mail giggling and laughing!

? ?????!?
Good morning!?

?????????????????……… ???????????????
?????????????????……(^O^)? ???YUI??????????????????o(^-^)o ????????????????o(^-^)o
Making a contribution at this time is a little unexpected but… when it comes to 5 am “Good morning” or “Good evening” wich one is correct?… (^O^)? I always study and work hard listening to YUI-sensei’s music o(^-^)o You are busy right?, please do your best o(^-^)o

Male/18/Okayama prefecture
2010/07/01 17:32

YUI???(?????????) ??5?????????????????????
YUI-sensei: (While playing guitar) Well, when it comes to 5am Good morning”? Good evening? What do you guys think? precisely at 3~4am is a lost place? I haven’t tought about this but… Anyway, of the two wouldn’t you take “Good morning”?

“Good morning”

Someho~w or other it feels hard to conclude!
But, the interval between 3 and 5 am let’s try greeting with “Good mo~~rning”??
I wonder if it’s alright? Should we do so starting from tomorrow? “”Good mo~~rning!”

And, still more to come, YUI mystery word / talk!

“Tonight I wanna eat cotton candy!”

???????????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN????????7/14??????
I went out!
This week’s “Good evening” greeting is adopted from Gunma prefecture 17 years, male, SexyChef!
With this I start vigorously!
Okay! The new album “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN” will be released this Wednesday, YUI-sensei!
As a matter of fact, the tour has been decided too?

?YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN??
?YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN??
Starts from 9/12 in Ichihara City meting hall, until 11/2 at Nippon Budokan, YUI-sensei will rush about the whole country. I’ll save money to go and meet YUI-sensei!
That’s YUI-sensei’s tour after a long time!

YUI LOCKS!?????????????????????????????
YUI-sensei: Ooh! really, I’ll be so happy to have fun meeting a lot of people. Messages written by the pupils in the message board saying “I’ll go to the tour!” Thank you for them!
Talking about YUI LOCKS! and the Tour! Should we make another campaign?
That is so! Speaking of campaigns, at the tme of second tour it was “Red towel”
at the time of third tour it was “White wrist”. Everybody went using these common objects,
talking together and becoming friends would be ni~ce
I think If we are able to make such a campaign again would be nice!

Before the tour is summer festivals! YUI-sensei will perform as well!
Everyone, in this summer, where would you be meeting YUI?

NOWHERE! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

?7?24?(?) HIGHER GROUND 2010
?7?31?(?) SETSTOCK ’10 ????????
?8?7?(?) ROCK IN JAPAN FES.2010

YUI-sensei loves all the fun from festivals and it’s expecting!
It looks like she’s interested in your summer vacations too…

YUI-sensei: Soo cool, so cool

“Speaking of summer vacations…Shaved ice!”
“Speaking of summer vacations….Mango frapuccino! (Super fast talking!)

…Nice echo don’t you think? lol
Mango is something like a food in southern countries right? It gives that impression. Yes.

“Speaking of summer vacations, TROPICAL!”

Somehow, when recalling summer vacations, a lot of food comes to mind!
But, then I think it’d be better something more colorful!
That being the case, it becomes “Tropical” (laugh)
Still, food, colors or anything its ok but, I think if its a happy tropical summer is better!

YUI LOCKS!?????????????!!!
YUI played with the keyword “Summer vacations”
…and, here!
An important notification from YUI-LOCKS!!!

YUI LOCKS???????????????????

??????????? SUMMER EDITION?

YUI-LOCKS!’s main lesson topic, do you remember?
It is
“Kamihikouki Diary SUMMER EDITION”

?????????? ????YUI LOCKS!?????????
Dreams, career, guitar, confessions, anything is ok!
In your everyday life, when you think “Ok, it’s decided!”, that day, let’s write a “determination diary” !
And, if you have a determination, however the result it is, let’s report it on the “realization diary”!
If the reports reaches, throw the two diaries on a paper plane to the sky.
That is “Kamihikouki Diary!” YUI LOCKS!’s main lesson!

“Let’s eat shaved ice!” Small things like that are OK! YUI-sensei said.?
Quickly, anything is OK!
All the determination and realization diaries reached so far have become into a lot of airplanes flying in the sky!
Please take a look at the kamihikouki diary page ok?.
“Particulary, check I want to keep a turtle” YUI-sensei said!

????????????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN????Driving Happy Life???????????
And, today we will give the report on “Driving Happy Life” from the album “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN.”

?????????????????????? SUMMER EDITION????????!!
Summer is coming around!!!
If you are careless the summer will finish in the blink of an eye!
First of all, send your summer vacation resolution to “Kamihikouki Diary SUMMER EDITION”

All resolution matters are OK!
“I want to learn how to swim on summer vacations!”
“I want to invite my sempai to watch fireworks!”
“I want to learn how to play guitar!”

“Let’s do that!” on summer vacations, such determination mails transmition!
When summer ends, we’ll wait for the outcome/result reports.
Let’s enjoy a HAPPY summer vacation with everyone!

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