YUI LOCKS! BACK AGAIN (2010.09.06) — Translated report!!!!1 HARD STUFF X__X READ IT! LOL


9/6 Tour campaign decision

Translated by kikino is sad because he can’t go to see YUI so he stays at home translating YUI LOCKS reports.

???? 15? ???????????GuitarLove
6??YUI LOCKS!!??????????????

?GuitarLove, Female, 15, Osaka
YUI-sensei! Konninwa?
It’s 6th day of the month’s YUI LOCKS!, but I wanna ask you something
…or should I say, I have a wish. Please say this phrase for Toshiko in the opening (??)

???????????????? (?)!???????
YUI-sensei:…… why Toshiko? Why pointing the sixth day of the month?
And why in the opening? (laughs)?! Birthday???

??????????????????YUI LOCKS!????????
While these questions were floating, Toshiko appears!
Toshiko is always saying!(??) the cat kept in YUI LOCKS!
There are favourite phrases for Toshiko, those phrases were thought carefully by our pupils.

Today, answering to GuitarLove-chan’s wish, it’s “Toshiko’s favourite phrase” great release!
(GuitarLove-chan?Yatta! ne?!)

Ah, It looks like Toshiko is walking around.

Meeeooww Meeeooww.

???? 15? ??????????????
Marco, Male, 15, from Yamagata.
“Tamago harusame!!! (some noodles)”

YUI-sensei: An ordinary way of talking! But when looking at this kanji, it’s very interesting,

??????????!!???? (?)????????????????????
If you rather say! Tamago harusame!! .. fufufuf (laughs). Nah, I’m happy~. It’s tasty right?. Tamago harusame!

???? 18? ??? ????????????
Sokishitery, Male, 18, from Aichi.
“Condors sink into the ground!” (wordplay: kondoruga jimen ni merikondoru)

YUI-sensei:What kind of birds are condors?…Toshiko, you’re happy ne?

???? 14? ????????????????
Birumode, Male, 14, from Niigata
“It’s fall already, and yet, armpit perspiration wont stop… ”

???????????????????????????? (?)
YUI-sensei: despite its autumn, it’s hot right? Certainly! since Toshiko has a lot of fur, it’s particulary hot.
Cat’s armpits have perspiration too. …I want someone to tell me about it (laughs)

???? 18? ???????????????
Inokun, Male, 18, from Aichi
“My foot became numb right now so, wait a little”

YUI-sensei: Uhm, ther is (what?) but it really does, when it becomes dumb you can’t feel it right!
You don’t think so? eeh I thought Toshiko would agree with me for sure!

???? 16? ????????????????
“It’s pop subata” (sweet-and-sour pork)

YUI???(?) ??????????????????????????????????
YUI-sensei: (laughs) Toshikooo, you do like pop subata right? I love it too!

????????????YUI?? (?)
YUI-sensei looking like a silly comedian < not sure
Today too, in perfect condition (?) Toshiko’s facourite phrases were presented!
… Anyways, GuitarLove-chan, I wonder if it this day turned good to you? (but they never said her phrase?!!)

?????????????YUI LOCKS!????????
Okay now, today too we will start with this greeting!

“Konban konban nekoni koban!!!”

?????? 15? ?????????????????????????????????
?YUI??????????? (?)
??????????????????????????????????? (?????) ??????
Today we adopted German potato’s greeting ?
It’s puzzling right? the level is high and you have to read with caution right?
YUI-sensei was afflicted (laughs)

?????YUI LOCKS! ??????4????????
?YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN??????
Well, its september already.
There are 4 more lessons until the cancellation of the limited period of YUI LOCKS!
3 months have passed in the blink of an eye! it was fast isn’t it? Let’s have fun until the very end!
?YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN??is near too?
YUI-sensei’s nation-wide tour , at last on Sunday 12nd will START in Ichihara meeting hall!

?YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN????
?YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOTEL?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?????????
???????????? (??????????????????????????????)

?????? ????es.car????????????????????

YUI-sensei: Until the tour, there is nothing left, right?
This time, tour’s name was changed.
from ?YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN??
to ?YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOTEL?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN??
?Welcome to Hotel Holidays in the Su~n nya-nya-nyaa nya-nya
It gives that impression. I love that song (By the say, that song is the famous “Hotel California” from Eagles)
so I wanted they to let me include it. There is a lot of characters in the title right?

This time, the tour’s title changed, I wondered if someone would notice
But I’ll would be happy if you come to pay a visit and play with a loose feeling!
I think it would be nice if the stage had an unusual feeling too!
It’s suden!, but to all the pupils, have you memorized “es.car” choreography already?


… that was an unexpected speech!

??????????????????????????????????? (?)?
YUI-sensei: At the official website YUI-net, dance lessons have already started.
Let’s enyoy trying the choreography in this Tour!
Since there are lots of movements, a lot of muscles needs to be used so we can lose weight (laughs)!
Since we are in radio, this could be totally meaningless! but I want to try a little!

? es.car?


YUI-sensei: Right hand~ Left hand pointing with your finger, What is this? this??
Fufufufufu~ cross mark! cross mark! cross mark,
Open your hands and do guupa guupa (lol), from above kira kira kira~?? (sparkles)
Feeling like I haven’t turned completely into an adult yet, it was a “………” explanation
Those who are interested, please go to the homepage and check… ok?!
Yes! This is really difficult! looks a little like Kamen Raider maybe?
Do a lot of Guupa guupa, do kirakira!!
Please, dad, mom, help little kids to memorize! Dad! please show mom so she can memorize too!
Please try and take a look!

It’s your chance to dance together with YUI-sense in the same place!
With everybody let’s dance while singing!

And, I’m sorry to keep you waiting!!!!
Next week on Sunday the Tour will start. Today’s decision must be made!

?YUI LOCKS!??????????????????
2nd?3rd???????????????YUI????????YUI LOCKS!????????????
?YUI LOCKS! National Tour Campaign Project?
2nd and 3rd Tour too, every time it comes along, A tradition at YUI’s tours, YUI LOCKS! project limited for pupils!

2nd??????????????????Are you RED TOWEL???YES!!! I am RED TOWEL!!????????
“RED TOWEL??????”
2nd Tour, bringing a red towel, the talk was ?Are you RED TOWEL???YES!!! I am RED TOWEL!!?
“RED TOWEL Campaign”

As for the 3rd Tour, Decorating your wrist with a white wristband!
If you happen to see another person with a wristband accost them smiling and laughing.
“Laughing Wristband Campaign”

Today, at last, it has been decided!
Campaign title is…

YUI LOCKS!?????????????????????

Original campaign tied by YUI LOCKS!’s pupils is
“Makkana Buru Campaign”!!!! (Bright red and blue)

?????????? ?????????????????????
??????????????????????????? (??????)?

For the tltle name we adopted Makkanaburuutai-chan’s idea!
Campaing contents are:
?Please prepare both Red and blue bandanas!
?Roll your right wrist in red and left wrist in blue
(If you don’t have a bandana rollin anything that stands out in your wrist is OK)
?At the venue, if you find a “Makkana buruu person” let’s make a big high five with both hands!
The pasword is, of course, “Makkana?” “Buruu da!” “Pachin” (high five)

????????????????????YUI LOCKS!?????????
YUI-sensei: SHY BOY, and SHY GIRL too SHY TOUCH too let’s high five!
By all means, if you go at the live venue, let’s make friends having fun in a bussy atmosphere!
If you do a highfive, take a souvenir photograph and please send it to YUI LOCKS!

??? ????????? ????????????? ??????????? ???????
Ayu-chan from Aichi, Yuppiiyade~kun from Osaka, Imacchi-chan from Iwate, Youhai-kun from Gunma
and others, I had the previlege of consultating the numerous opinions of all!
Thank you very much!

??????????????????YUI LOCKS!??????????
Everybody in the country!
Let’s join this “Makkana buuru Campaign”!
And if you join, by all means, send a picture to YUI LOCKS ok?
We’ll be waiting impatiently!

YUI-sensei’s single word after class can be heared each week on the mobile site~??

M?Parade ? YUI
M?es. car ? YUI

I missed a couple of phrases u.u gomen