YUI LOCKS! BACK AGAIN (2010.09.20) — Translated Report (Completed!)


9.20 Before closing the school temporaly, current thoughts.

Translation: Kikino, NorthernLight[Zzz] & MrSean

An email about makkana buruu… have arrived!!!
It was uploaded to the site~.

(Last week’s Wednesday, Thursday in Nagoya Century Hall, to all the pupils who attended, thank you very much! from YUI)

The original project of YUI LOCKS! for
country wide tour “makkana buruu campaing” is in development!
Have you rolled a red and blue bandanas around your wrists and done a highfive~~?!

Myokko, female, 19, Tokyo
It was my first time at YUI-san’s concert. It was fun and I was deeply moved!

In my first concert I had the impression that it was fatastic. Really, thank you very much!
In October I will play in a little live house too, just like YUI-san
I think it would be nice if I’m able to do a live and give deep emotions!
I felt embarrassed of doing a higk five with another person, I couldnt take out the cougare necessary,
For now I did a highfive with my boyfriend! When I tried one time I realized what does it felt like,
So I was able to do the shyfive with the other person too!
Since I did it through a YUI friend I’m very grateful to YUI-san!
not sure what the shy-five / shy-touch is :/

(more under the cut)

The feeling of boy and girl in love holding hands… is the boy the blue one?
They wrote in the wristbands so it would read “YUI” when joining them together ne~
So cool! Makes me happy to see it handmade! It looks like couples and families and such came to the concert. It makes me reel happy!

Tairuzu’s@YUI, 23, Chiba
I attended alone, but with this live as a start I was able to meet people and I was deeply moved by it.
The fellow feeling sprouted! It was really fun ?

YUI-sensei: looking at the picture taken with everybody, everybody is wearing their red and blue wristbands right?!
doesn’t it gives the impression of being all good firiends?
“I attended alone, but with this live as a start I was able to meet people” that said, thank you very much.
(always have problems with toiukotode)

Sekimagari, 18, Shizuoka
I wonder if the “anma” will come out? anyway, it was splendid!
somehow, I realized again that there is a lot of great YUI fans!

YUI-sensei: Three people in the picture ne~ I wonder if it’s after the concert?
“Thoughs on the highfive… ” I thought if I would be able to do the anma, but I really did it!
somehow, I realized again that there is a lot of great YUI fans!” He writes.
You became friends uh? Thank you very much!

kanako, 18, from Chiba
High five was fun~ (???)??

YUI-sensei: They put on tour goods, t-shirt and towel. They also rolled bandanas in their wrists right?
I’m very happy… Thank you very much! I received the message wich says “High five was fun~” Thank you very much!

?YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?? is still continuing!
YUI LOCKS! original project “makkana buruu campaing”
Let’s enjoy doing shy five with everybodyyy!!
(And send an email to YUI LOCKS! by all means)

Okay, with the limited period started on 06.21 YUI LOCKS! Including today’s show
there are two more shows until the end!!
YUI-sensei doesn’t like the silence
Today playing her own guitar will talk about her currents toughts.

But while playing I should sing too ne? …
Normally I don’t think much… It’s not like I dont think at all, but,
like a good meaning, like clearing your mind. Things I see, or, like for example,
music I’ve heard about, or lives I’ve heard about, like, doing new things, I think “I want to see that” (or, perhaps I’d like to try that)

Well, ocassionally, I forget about important things “damn it!” things like that always happens (laughs)
But, I try as hard as I can to be careful about that, but a good meaning in this way, empty,
cleansing your heart (spirit), as if various things flow in, I’m always thinking that I want there to be room for input.

Although YUI LOCKS! this time only last for 3 months,
Each time during YUI LOCKS! we had message from teenager at the beginning
Although I was nervous, not good at speaking,
Although I thought that thinking of what to speak would be very difficult
But now I can enjoy talking on air, I think I have learned a lot of things.

?? (?)
However (laughs)

There are times too when I think if it’s allright to pass the time so freely?.
Like kneeling down in the radio! (?)
I think that those things that I can do freely are great…

After that, as I thought, I had a refreshing time off
On that time I got a lot of support too. In this way, when I came back
I felt a lot of gratitude when they said “welcome baaack!”
I’m really packed with feelings of gratitude, There is also such thing.
A feeling of having lot’s os fun was born right?

Somehow, umm , there are things that don’t go as expected right? For example… like what?
Looking ahead into the future, you have these good plans, but then something gets in the way, all these little things grab your attention, I think.
At those times, those small things end up looking really big, right?

So, At those times your mood will change and things like that
Input, output are great words, by example when making songs,
expresing something or being deeply moved by a sight
I think IMPUT is something very important right?

With such things, at the time I was refreshing
my way of looking at things changed a lot, when I looked away from music,
but I took part in music everyday, I wonder if I need more freedom?

For example, things are indispensable to be done, there is a minimum of things that I have to do.
This is a fun way to do it. I thought a lot about it

Therefore, of course If I do things thinking “I don’t wanna do it” I’ll aaaaaalways do things without wanting to.
But if I do things thinking “This is really getting enjoyable!” I will aaaaaaalways look at enjoyable things.Althoug this might sound simplistic
Surprisingly, I think I couldn’t do it
Not sure. I think there’s a typo in this sentence. It doesn’t make grammatical sense to me. Or I’m just not understanding it.

There are two shows till the end of class, but spending every day having fun,
When I come back again, My dream of spending fun times again grows.

Being a teenager, being young, of course being an adult too,
I think that having a very fun atmosphere is a really important thing.

But, when troubles and worries wont stop coming out, it can be a very big barrier.
At those times, there will be difficulties too for sure,
“I can go in the right direction!” If I believe in that way, I will definetly go in the right direction.
I thought of it throug my own experience, Isn’t that right? is what I want to say.

…Why, while I’m thinking I want to go do something fun, and I think of various difficult things that I have to do, too, every day with spirit! “A healthy mind comes from a healthy body!” is what they say? That sort of thing is also important to keep doing…I am forgetful, and it’s like I’m always trying to lose something!

Concluding, it was brought to an end with a fool-sounding feeling in a very YUI-sensei-like way
With her guitar’s sound, the voice of YUI-sensei’s heart somehow, little by little, reached (your?) heart.
The YUI LOCKS! for a limited period will end it’s lessons next week!!

Next week YUI will have a lot of talks with pupils! We feel enthusiastic about it!

Well then, we keep waiting for everyone’s comment and entries! ?

M?Laugh away ? YUI
M?Shake My heart ? YUI