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Live performance


yui Appears as Secret Guest in Oceans Tour Finale (2022.08.21)

https://youtu.be/ppFO5zcS7bU She sang CHE.R.RY as usual and a cover of "Natsu ga Owaru" A video was posted in...

Kurei Yuki’s with YUI at 24?? Tiktok Live

Digital event streamed on Tiktok2021.07.03-04 https://youtu.be/P5Sj6IyyYpU https://youtu.be/LRp6Wms-DKo https://youtu.be/HrYh6L6EnTQ https://youtu.be/fjtSwBSRCWA https://youtu.be/n4GEJuBlsAI

FLOWER FLOWER – Inko no have a nice day 2020 live stream

????have a nice day???2020 -Streaming Live- 2020.12.01 Setlist: Yume Sunahama Mitsu Sunday Ningyo Ai no uta Ben Futari (With Mizobe Ryou) Atsui aitsuĀ (With Mizobe Ryou) Jyouka Tabi no tochuu Asa Hanauta Summer song  

yui at Rocks ForChile 2020

Rocks ForChile in Toyonaka 2020.11.07 Guitar: Kafu Sato Violin: Naoto Setlist: 1. Sunahama 2. Hanauta 3. Aki 4. Subarashii sekai 5. CHE.R.RY