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Translated by BEATkino! ??2?????????YUI????? Today's second guest is YUI-san!! YUI???? ??????????????????? ?????????????????????? Today's YUI fashion is "Marine Style"! "Marine" has come into her recently ? YUI????? ???????????? ?????????????????????????????? YUI's obsession is, as I thought "Guitar"? Lately, her so called "little martin" looks cute ^^ 2?3??????????HOLIDAY IN THE...

YUI Radio vol.46 — ?es.car? & ?Parade? preview!

Finally YUI radio is back! This time YUI and Shige-chan introduced two new songs of "HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN" es.car and Parade. http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Info/yui-net/radio/player/ Go to the forum to get some *cough* downloable content *cough* Congratulations to Thierry for his feature in the show!...

yuppii radio #1 (2010.05.15) – Tonight preview

YUI is too busy with recordings so yuppi had to drop by and help :D A short clip with Tonight preview. This time is the intro part. http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Info/yui-net/radio/ Click the little smiley and it will send you to the secret player. For a...

Saturday Young Night Podcast!

Ramblings of a music producer! Hisashi Kondo's weekly podcast features guests ranging from YUI's A&R officer, Manager and even YUI herself!