A visit to SUMMER SONG’s shooting place.


A visit to SUMMER SONG’s shooting place
Report taken from YUI???

????? of Shizuoka Prefecture!
I don’t know how to translate that sorry ;_ ;

This is Shimoda City’s Shirahamakaidan (white sandy beach) in Shizuoka.
SUMMER SONG’s PV was shot here!

Shirahama’s beach

Once you get off the bus, you can see the coasts of the PV.
White sands and blue sky. It’s an overwhelming scenery.

Shirahama’s Beach and Shrine

There is a nice atmosphere in the shrine near the coast.
It’s very beautiful.

Shirahama’s beach and path.

There is also a path across the white beach.
With the blue sea, there is also greenery shining in the white sand.

Shirahama’s beach and the deck.

It’s here!

Shirahamakaigan’s deck

Pictures from inside the deck.
you can swim, surf and have fun playing by the rocky seashore.

Shirahama’s beach and Walkman

This is the end of the report.

To go there you need to take the bus in the ????? station I don’t know how to translate it :(
The deck is in the swimming area of Shirahama’s beach in Shimoda city.

Once again thanks a lot to YUI??? !