YUI RADIO – Vol.33 (English Translation)


2008/04/09 45:17 ????It’s all right,sky line,OH YEAH





??It’s all right 



??sky line 




YUI Radio #33

S: Shigezo-san
I: Icchi
T: Translator’s note

(T: Some parts not too sure, so if I got them wrong, sorry~ I’ve placed timing markings at some
parts in case people get lost.)

BGM: ding~ dong~

Y: All rise! Attention! Bow! Good evening everyone.
It’s summer. Summer! But it’s the usual YUI radio we have here. We’ll be proceeding with the usual
YUI radio today. Change into your pajamas and assemble in front of your PCs! Is everyone ready?
All right, YUI radio.. begins!

BGM: Merry-go-round

Y: People who have been saying that as they listen to SUMMER SONG, they feel like going to the sea,
but are yet to make any plans, please do join us at YUI radio today ne~
Ok and at this point of time.. Shigezo-san~
S: YUI-san.. Today’s opening was the opposite of the opposite of the opposite of the normal kind,
and was really interesting.
Y: The opposite of the opposite of the opposite?
S: Yeah.. All rise, attention, bow. Eh? Rise? Take your seats? Eh? Rise?
Y: Usually it’s rise, take your seats, bow.
S: Today’s the usual then?
Y: But today everyone’s remaining in standing position.
S: Eh? What did you say again?
Y: All rise, attention and then it ends at bow..
S: Ah.. I see.
Y: I didn’t say ‘take your seats’.
S: Ah.. I see. If one doesn’t try imagining it, they won’t get it.
Y: Yeah, but you realized the meaning..

S: YUI-san, it’s been some time hasn’t it? (since YUI radio)
Y: Yup, it’s been some time already.
S: And if you think of it, it is already the 33rd YUI radio!
Y: Woah~
S: Whether this number is a lot or little is quite difficult to say. Like this radio show has been
around for quite a while already and yet it’s only 33 times..
Y: Oh yeah. I get that kind of feeling.
S: Ok and we’ll proceed with the normal YUI radio today. So let’s get to the messages.

S: YG from Toyama prefecture. ‘I thought of this when YUI-san went to MS for SUMMER SONG promotion..
YUI-san, did you slim down?’
Y: Hmm..
S: ‘Somehow it feels like you have lost some weight. So please do tell me about it’. This kinda
message, plus other messages expressing their worry.. it’s like YUI-san has lost some weight in
the summer.
Y: Yeah..
S: There’s plenty of this kinda messages coming in. So..?
Y: Hmm. Actually, there’s a lot of such messages on the message board as well. And ‘Hmm.. I wonder
if that is really so’ was what I thought.
S: And you were in the middle of your tour..
Y: Tour ‘tsu’. hahah.

(T: Shigezo-san mispronounces ‘tsua chuu’ as ‘tsua tsu’)

S: Ahh.. Isn’t ‘tsua tsu’ fine as well!
Y: Yeah.. I was in the middle of the tour. And like in performances, I run around.. So I guess that’s
some form of exercise.
S: Ah I see.
Y: Maybe because of that?
S: So this is the ‘tour diet’.
Y: Tour diet.
S: Yup. But there is no cause for worry right?
Y: I’m still healthy..
S: Yup, still healthy and no need for any worries.
Y: Yeah.. And slimming down is a good thing….?
S: Is that meant to be a question?

S: Saitama prefecture, Suzuna-san. High schooler. ‘Hi YUI-san’
Y: Hello.
S: ‘After listening to SUMMER SONG, and since summer is here, I made a trip to the sea. Firstly, at
Shichi riga beach, I walked along the beach where Koji practiced his surfing.’
Y: Woah~
S: ‘Then sat on the bench at that bus stop’.
Y: Woah~
S: It’s that bus stop. ‘Then looked up at the house where Kaoru lived, and even climbed up the
stairs where Kaoru announced that she would continue singing’
Y: Ehhh..
S: ‘Listening to Good-bye Days in front of Kamakura station, then going through the tunnel. Plus
crossing the rail tracks etc. As I visited the various areas shown in Taiyou no Uta, I went to
the sea at Shounan (Kamakura).’
Y: Heh..
S: ‘YUI-san, do you have any memories of the sea in summer?’
Y: Ahh.. Now I’m starting to recall the scenes too.
S: In Kamakura..
Y: Yeah.. Running through the tunnel etc. That was one of the scenes.
S: Yeah, people really went to all the filming locations. And during ‘I remember you’ pv’s filming,
there were people whom you came across coincidentally right? People who happened to be making a
round around the filming locations.
Y: Yup. I’m thankful.
S: Thankful indeed.. And by the way this person is asking whether you have any memories of the sea
in summer.
Y: Ah.. Don’t get worked up..
S: No.. I’m already worked up..(lol) This person is asking YUI-san to share your experiences.
Y: Well.. Speaking of summer, since I live near the sea..
S: Ahh.. Shinguu right?
Y: Yup. And I do have a lot of memories about the sea. Then there was this campaign which I thought
was rather good.
S: Campaign?
Y: Yeah. That campaign was something which was held around the period just before summer. And people
from around the area will gather to make the beach into a cleaner place. It was called the
‘Clean campaign’.
S: Ahh. Like picking up cans and other rubbish?
Y: That’s right. And I was still a small elementary school student. Before returning home after the
campaign, everyone gets juice as a reward.
S: Like a packet?
Y: Yeah, a packet. And as I drank it on the way home, I would be thinking ‘ahh summer is coming’..
S: Ahh.. Isn’t that a great memory?
Y: Great isn’t it? I think it’s good to have had such experiences as a child.
S: So you had such an experience eh~
Y: Yup..
S: Eh.. What a surprising story..


S: Aomori prefecture’s Yuzou. Male. University student. Between mayonnaise, ketchup, soy sauce and
salt, if you were to choose one of these to bring with you to a deserted island, which will it
Y: Eh? What?
S: Between mayonnaise, ketchup, soy sauce and salt, if you were to choose one of these to bring
with you to a deserted island, which will it be?
Y: Ehh.. That’s troubling. What would it be..? I just remembered about ‘sa shi su se so’ the
other day.

(T:’sa shi su se so’ is a series of sounds in Japanese language. And this particular sequence is
used to represent the 5 main types of seasonings due to the similarity of the pronounciation of
the words. A kind of word play.)

S: Ah. Then say out the ‘sa shi su se so’. What’s ‘sa’?
Y: Satou (sugar).
S: ‘shi’?
Y: Shio? (salt)
S: ‘su’?
Y: Shoyuu (soy sauce).
S: ‘se’?
Y: What did ‘se’ represent again? (lol) What did ‘se’ represent…
S: YUI-san.. Your ‘sa shi su se so’..
Y: Eh.. ‘su’ was Su (vinegar) right? Then ‘se’ is for Shoyuu (soy sauce).
S: ‘se’ is Shoyuu (soy sauce).
Y: Then ‘so’.. Ah the other time someone taught me about that. ‘so’ doesn’t begin with the sound ‘so’.
S: It’s not ‘so’..
Y: Yeah not starting with ‘so’. What was ‘so’? Ah! It’s miso!
S: Yeah it’s miso. Ok say it one more time. ‘sa shi su se so’! YUI-san’s ‘sa shi su se so’!! ‘sa’?!
Y: Sabaibaru (survival)!!
S: Nande yane?! (what the hell?!)
Y: hahahhahah~
S: And I wonder what you would say when it’s ‘so’..
Y: Yeah.. Eh what was it again? Mayonnaise, soy sauce, salt..
S: And ketchup.
Y: Ah ketchup. For mayonnaise, if you don’t place it in the refrigerator, it goes bad doesn’t it?
S: Ahh I see. This is becoming a practical discussion eh.
Y: And salt.. The sea has it. But unless there’s sunlight, there’s no way.. But still there could be
a way to get it.
S: Ohhhh. And so…?
Y: And so.. left with ketchup and soy sauce.
S: Ok let’s say if you caught a fish..
Y: Ah, soy sauce?
S: Ahh.. But eating fish with ketchup on a deserted island, that’s not such a great idea right..?
Y: So that means.. Soy sauce?
S: Hmm.. Maybe soy sauce? All right, let’s have you say it one more time.
Y: Yes, final answer.
S: Ok YUI-san.. So it’s no problem if we have you go to a deserted island right?
Y: Ehh… I’m going?! (lol)
S: All right, now at this point of time.. Let’s have YUI-san to do the introduction of your summer
Y: Ok. Please listen to the summer song ‘It’s all right’ by YUI.

BGM: It’s all right

Y: Everyone~ Are you all doing fine~ It’s Yuppie.
S: Ahh.. Yuppie is here.
Y: It has been some time already right?
S: Yuppie-san, you have became pretty famous already. And there are many messages coming in which
request some advice from you.
Y: Really?
S: This is your ‘Life problems dicussion corner’.
Y: Wah~
S: Did you just say wah~?
Y: Yeah..
S: Then we’ll begin right away.. Since there are so many of them.
Y: Ok.

S: Kanagwa prefecture’s Kouki-kun. Male. High schooler. ‘Dear Yuppie, there is a girl whom I have
been liking secretly for 9 months. I have been told by that person that she already has a
boyfriend and so it’s impossible to go out with me. Despite so, I am unable to give up on her.
But it’s foolish to be so persistent too right? What should I do? Yuppie, please help me!
Y: Hmm.. Well, since it’s impossible to forget his feelings for her, it might be better to cherish
those feelings of his?
S: Is that ok? That girl has told him that she already has a boyfriend and is unable to go out with
him though..
Y: I have no idea.
S: Wah.. Here it comes! That word!
Y: Then what’s to done? If that is so..
S: Ah what to do.. I don’t know. Ah, then how about finding a new love, for example?
Y: Ahh that could be one way too.
S: Yeah.. So let’s make it ‘find a new love’ then. (the reply to the message)
Y: Ok since Shigezo-san has said so, we’ll put it as that then..
S: Is that so? (lol) Yuppie you’re good at this eh..

S: Tokyo prefecture, Kimuchirabe. Male. Secondary school student. ‘Nice to meet you, I’m Kimuchirabe.
I have a question for Yuppie-san. When Yuppie-san gets into a fight, are you the kind who
apologises first? Or the kind who waits for the other person to apologise? If you had to choose
one, which would it be?’
Y: Hmm.. What should I do..
S: What should you do.. Yuppie-san right? Is Yuppie-san the kind to apologise first?
Y: Eh no.. She’ll wait.
S: Wait? (lol)
Y: She’ll totally wait.
S: Keep waiting? So she’ll wait till the other person apologises? All right, it’s ‘wait’ then!

S: Tokyo prefecture’s Rein-san. Male. Secondary school student. ‘I have a question. It gets really
hot in summer. What is the one thing that Yuppie-san definitely cannot do without?
Y: Hmm.. Insect repellent.
S: Ahh.. Insect repellent.. Yeah, because there are many bugs right. So it’ll be ‘insect repellent’ then.

S: Hiroshima prefecture’s Babon shirota.
Y: Eh?
S: Babon shirota. Male. University student. ‘I have a question for the very cute Yuppie-san’
Y: Hmm..?
S: ‘I have a question for the very cute…’ Why did you hmm? (lol) ‘I have a question for the very
cute Yuppie-san. If you could have one wish granted immediately, which one of the following would
you choose? Please reply.’ If you could be granted a wish now. ‘1. Unlimited supply of fruits for
1 year, with the fruits delivered to your house everyday.’ That’s cool right? ‘2. Unlimited rides
at amusement park for 1 year, open even after midnight. 3. Driving license’
Y: Hmm.. Probably fruits?
S: (lol) You have chosen to preserve this character eh? Ahh fruits.. If there wasn’t it, probably
Yuppie would choose..
Y: Yeah.. Yuppie is important.
S: Ahh.. This is frustrating~ (lol)

(T: Because YUI would probably have chosen number 3 if she didn’t have to choose for Yuppie. XD )

S: Toyama prefecture’s Kanakon. Secondary school student. ‘Hi YUI-san and Shigezo-san. I always enjoy
listening to YUI radio. YUI-san, you said that “Yuppie is good, I want to become cute” right?’
Y: Yup.

(T: YUI said this in YUI radio #31)

S: ‘Could I please have Yuppie-san to sing a song?’ And in addition to this, Okayama prefecture’s
Masashi. Male. Secondary school student. ‘I am really addicted to this popular new character
Yuppie. Could you please sing a song? My request would be SUMMER SONG in acappella style.’
Y: Hmm.. Natsu ga kuru kara umi e yuKOU YO! Chotto daKE taCHIdomatTE mayou hi mo aru keDO YEAH~!!!
Is this ok?
S: (lol) Yuppie’s character is weird isn’t it?
Y: hahahahah.. And the pitch was totally off..
S: Yeah.. Yuppie’s character is becoming weirder you know.. All right, Yuppie-san, we just had you
in the ‘Life problems discussion corner’. And there are really many Yuppie fans around.
Y: Ah..
S: As such, could we have you to say a word to your fans all over the country as well as introduce
the next summer song?
Y: Please continue to support me. Please listen to the summer song, ‘Skyline’ by YUI.

(T: Yuppie’s character is funny because she speaks in Osaka dialect and in a slow paced voice)
BGM: Skyline

‘BGM’: whistling sound~ I look forward to life but I’m not out yet~ Icchi~! Ahhh~
(T: Icchi is singing a part from Oh My God, plus his own made up lyrics)

I: Erm.. Could someone switch my voice back please?
Y: hahahah..
I: Switch my voice back please!
S: Shouldn’t you know have known better? (that it wouldn’t work)
Y: Yeah.
I: Ehh?
Y: And his lips were..
S: Yeah yeah yeah..
I: Eh? Then your lips weren’t like this?
S: But seriously, you’re trying too hard on planning your appearance!
I: But it was such a long wait…..
Y: hahahhaha..
S: But isn’t that weird? Couldn’t you just come in normally like ‘Good evening, this is Icchi’.
That’s all.
I: Eh.. Then shall we do it one more time?
S: That’s fine. No need for that.
I: Since you’re so unhappy about it..
S: Unhappy? (lol) But it’s no use anyway.. This is fine too. How about it Icchi-san?
I: Ahh.. But I was made to wait really long too this time round..

(T: In YUI radio #31, Icchi made a funny appearance as well, and complained that he waited too long)

S: Well, in the previous YUI radio, Icchi shared with us a really funny incident right?
I: Yeah I did. I was made to do so right?
S: And as expected of Icchi..
I: Ahh.. I won’t get shy I won’t get shy~
S: Won’t get shy won’t get shy.. And today we’ll be having Icchi here to chat with us as well, and
also hope to hear more interesting stories.
I: This morning I suddenly received a mail from Shigezo-san..
S: Rather than saying it’s a mail, it sounds weird.. It was a telegram from Shigezo-san..
Y: Telegram..
I: Yeah, a telegram from Shigezo-san. It came in like ‘turutu turutu~’.
S: Yeah yeah.. Eh? Means that it was delivered by a dove? A dove?!
I: No no.. It was shokotan, it was Shokotan. I’m sorry.

(T: Shokotan refers to Nakagawa Shoko. Apparently ‘tuturu’ is one of her famous words.)

S: Ehh? I don’t get it.
Y: Ehh?? This is difficult to understand..
S: Don’t explain things which I don’t understand with things I still don’t understand!
Y: Wah so fierce!
I: Exactly.. Shigezo-san..

I: Yeah.. And I was told to get ready for the radio program.. And I was really nervous all
the way.. Though it’s not that bad.
S: Ahh.. But it’s not like we’re gonna make you a regular guest on this program just because of your
interesting story the other time..
I: (lol) But it could be possible at this rate..
S: You must appear in at least 30% of the number of programs before..
I: 30%?
S: Yeah.. Err, let’s fix it as 30%!
I: lol..
S: So it’s like if you manage to get over 30%…
I: So this means that out of 10 times it’s about 3 times.. Ahh please don’t request that much of me~
Asking me to appear so many times..
S: And you still calculated this.. Out of 10 times it’s 3 times.. Icchi-san..
I: All right then, let’s leave it as this..

S: And then Icchi-san, during the tour, you have been watching YUI-san right?
I: Yeah.. The tour was fabulous. 25 performances in total. And it has concluded successfully. Plus we
have managed to cover most of the areas which we didn’t go before, in all the tours from debut
up till now. It is really something to rejoice about, finally being able to meet all the fans.
S: Yeah plus you went a lot of places you didn’t go before..
I: Yeah.. We went to plenty of places. Getting to meet the people whom we couldn’t imagine how they
were like just through the message board.
S: And this is still a part of them only isn’t it?
I: doki (heart beat increases)
S: There’s still a lot of people.. Like saying ‘please do come to my area as well’
I: Yeah there are still a lot..
S: And people who didn’t manage to get a ticket this time round..
I: Hmm.. The tickets were not easy to get..

S: So.. was there any particular incidents which happened during the tour?
I: Incidents..?
S: Like ‘ohhh we had this or that happened..’
I: lol..
S: YUI-san, how about it? In this tour..
Y: Ah.. There was a injured person..
I: Oh! Injured person! What about it?
Y: Kaji-san was injured..
I: Yeah that was one of them..
Y: And it became ‘Goodbye me’.
S: ‘Goodbye me’..
I: Tokyo’s performance right?
Y: Yeah..
S: Well such accidents do happen..
Y: Yeah..
I: Yeah but before the end of the performance he got better. And in the second half of the concert
he could still jump around with YUI-san..

(T: Kaji-san injured himself during the last song in the performance in Tokyo on 2nd July. He wanted
to jump as usual but instead he pulled a muscle in his right leg. After the performance he had
to go to the hospital. He returned to perform on 3rd July. And he showed up with a crutch lol.
No more Kaji jump~ XD)

S: You know.. It would be a great idea to trick Kaji-san into appearing in this program and make him
share with us any interesting stories don’t you think?
I: That’s true..!
S: Since he should know of many..
I: Yeah he should know many..
Y: Yeah..
S: Let’s do that then!
I: Yeah let’s do that! Decided!
S: Decided!
Y: hahah..
S: Kaji-kun, and unfortunately if you somehow heard this broadcast.. You’ll be talking with us here!
We’ll be having you here the next time!
I: That’s right!
Y: That’s right!
I: This is good this is good..
S: Since now the tour has ended already, he’s probably free. And he probably thinks he can escape.
I: Yeah now’s the period where he’ll let his guard down..
S: Shall we do that?
I: Yeah let’s do that.

S: And so.. YUI-san, shall we now have Icchi to do the routine?
Y: Yeah. As such, to end off, let’s have Icchi to share an interesting story and then we’ll part
for today.
I: No way! This is the end already?!
Y: Bye bye~
I: No.. This is not right. Ahh…. So since we’re on the topic of the tour, I shall talk about the
tour. In my mind.. Ah, the tour during May period.. I think it was the Kyushu performance. Or
maybe it was Kumamoto. So if I got the location wrong, I’m sorry.. Recently in the second half of
her concerts, YUI-san’s really very high right?
Y: Yeah..
I: And the audience are really hyper as well. So in the second half of the concert, YUI-san said
“First floor!! Everyone follow me!!”.. And then then the audience was like “Wahhhh!!”.. It was
really very lively.
Y: lol..
I: Then YUI-san was like “Is the second floor all right??!! Everyone still going strong??!!”..
And the audience on the second floor was like “Yeah!!!”.. Next YUI-san went “The third floor is
fine as well right??!!”..
Y: lol..
I: Then there was a dead silence. Because there wasn’t a third floor in that concert hall.
(laughter from staff)
Y: haha..
I: And it was like the entire audience looked up at the same time.. Like koi.. Getting hooked upwards.
S: So you’re one of those who got ‘hooked’? Are you ok? And then? So there wasn’t a third level..
A non-existent third level..
I: No third level at all.
I+S+Y: hahahhhaha..
S: Play the song, play the song!!


Y: You have just heard the song ‘OH YEAH’ from the album ‘I LOVED YESTERDAY’.
S: Icchi-san was.. Oh well..
Y: Oh well..
S: Oh well..
Y: Oh well..
S: So shall we go to the messages then?

S: Sahama-san from Gunma prefecture. Male. High schooler. ‘Hi YUI-san. I always enjoy listening to
YUI radio’.
Y: Thank you.
S: ‘SUMMER SONG is such a nice song as well. It really has the summer feel. When it plays on the
radio I will record it, and I listen to this song countless times everyday. By the way, July 10th
was actually a memorable day for YUI-san.’ He says that it’s a memorable day for you. ‘Do you
know why? The reason is because it was the 7777th day since you were born.’
Y: Ehhhh? That’s cool..
S: This guy really counted eh.. Sahama-san..
Y: Thank you. (lol) It was the 7777th day..
S: Yeah he said that..
Y: Ehh.. It was probably a lucky day?
S: Well, many people say ‘lucky 7’.. It’s a string of ‘7’s..
Y: Thank you.
S: Yeah, for counting..

S: The last message! Kawa-chan from Fukuoka prefecture. Female. Working adult. ‘Hi YUI-san and
Shigezo-san. The other day my elder sister got married and moved to Tokyo from Fukuoka since her
husband is in Tokyo. It was through the influence of my sister that I came into contact with
YUI-san’s songs as well as picking up playing the guitar. That’s why during the marriage ceremony,
I thought of giving a surprise to my sister. On that day, I changed into denim and YUI’s tour
hoodie which my sister bought for me, and sang ‘Tokyo’ while sitting cross-legged. My sister
cried and said actually this song had been playing in her head all these while, as she thought
whether it was really a good decision to leave Fukuoka. But she said from now on she will slowly
search for that answer in Tokyo. I ended up crying too. I am thankful to YUI’s song which has
enabled us to form a strong sisterly bond. Thank you YUI-san. Ganbatte! I’ll be supporting you~’
Y: Woah~ Congratulations! Thank you very much.
S: Yeah. Please send our regards to her as well. And so.. we have almost reached the end of the

BGM: Tokyo
Y: Ok. We’re very happy for the great participation in today’s YUI radio. Thank you very much.
How was Icchi’s interesting story? He really made 3 of our YUI radio episodes very interesting,
kinda surprising. And thanks to everyone, I have managed to enjoy the entire tour. Thank you.
Do share with us your thoughts about SUMMER SONG as well as your plans for the summer! For those
who are taking the entrance exams this year, I think it’ll be pretty hard on you all during the
summer holidays, but take care of yourselves and give it your best! Questions, funny experiences
and normal messages from everyone are most welcomed. Please do have fun posting and discussing
this week’s YUI radio on the message board. As such, I’m YUI and thank you for today.
Bye bye! Adieu~

  • YUI radio ends –

Translated by uchihamel@YL
Special thanks to depyon@YL
Credits would be much appreciated! =D