Am I Wrong? (B-PASS May, 2008)


As we know Love Is All is a critique about the media involving the music industry. Apparently in “Am I wrong” YUI is also trying to speak sarcastically about her relation with the industry.

Original transcript: Akabaneouji
Translation: Kikino & Spring-san

You seem to have an image of a “Fighter” instead of a “Daydreamer” (Haha)
Nah… Really, I’m very insecure!. I don’t want to do things that I can’t really do. When I worry about something I get really anxious. But, when I decide to do something, I do it without any worries.

The verse in How crazy “Stop talking about me as if you knew me” also has an unusual feeling coming from you. But the whole of this song (Love is all) has a different type of deep feeling.
How crazy came after my movie, and I was often asked if I would go back to acting and other personal questions not related to my music. I just wanted to sing about how music is the most important thing to me. In the case of “Love is all” I meant to say I want to cherish the songs that I carefully created and included my heart in it. Using words with love will resound in the heart in positive and negative ways, but using words without love really feels like a cold stab. I think it’s really sad. Yeah.

In “Am I wrong” the verse “The phone rang and you stopped talking to me. Then you talk laughing on the phone. How can you do such a thing?” Really feels like something you would do.
Yes, that’s really true. When I’m having a very serious conversation, his phone rings and he says “just a moment “ then talks with the other person on the phone like “Hello, how are you? You must be busy, haha”. I feel “what the hell are you thinking about ???” Something like that. I wanted to put the feeling that I had thought very strange by all means. strangely, I want to keep conveying the idea I had in mind at all costs. I thought it really suits with the story of this song. And I just wrote the lyrics about something that I’m really feeling usually, such as “Are you thinking I’m just in a bad mood” and “there are things that cannot be determined as yes or no” In the first part of the song.

But even so, tomorrow you will continue making songs. The thing you want to protect will never change.
That’s right. Only here, that important thing I want to protect is there, but I don’t want to be an inconvenience, but there will be times when we can’t communicate with each other. “We can’t understand each other, right?” I would say decisively. Yeah, I’ll lose sight of myself if I continue to compromise. The width of music will narrow too. What is shared too, what I have to protect, both things are present and I thought about that when writing the song.