B=PASS Magazine November 2011


YUI is featured in many magazines in the next 3 months….and here’s the first one!

Original source: http://www.shinko-music.co.jp/b-pass/thesyuzai/1111.html

This blurb is from the BACKSTAGE PASS Magazine website:
Translated by: panda & azmikun
Thanks Jun!

The interview that day?

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For p.38-39 , we are using a photo of her walking along the white line on a hill road. Its similar to the photo ?there but, “for the drink driving inspections, you had to walk like that” said the hair and makeup artist. Saying “Really?” while walking along without a problem at all. Of course we haven’t been drinking alcohol during the interview (lol)

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9/1 (Thurs) 11:30~12:30: Interview.9/5 (Mon) 15:30~16:15 Photoshoot Writer Yamamoto-san, Cameraman Nagase-san, Hair and Makeup Fujiwara-san, Styling Date-san, SMR ICHIHARA-san, STARDUST Teramoto-san Ishiwara-san. It was a fun interview, thanks.

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The last time we met was for the previous interview, a reunion since Hong Kong. The ring YUI wore, was it an aura/mood ring? It seemed like it, it appears to change colour when your mood changes, getting more excited with the ring talk. When it changes colour, say you’re in a good mood, you look at the colour chart (bringing this piece of paper, such sincerity is so like YUI, lol).  I’ve forgotten which colour but we talked about how  “During the interview, I would hate the ring to change to the stressful colour (lol).” YUI too responded “Ah, yeah. I’ll be totally exposed. I’ll better hide the ring then (lol).” Although all talk about the ring was forgotten when properly asking about the song during the interview, after it ended “Come to think of it , you ring is?” and when she showed it to me, sure enough the colour had changed. It wasn’t the stressful colour (lol). And now we are going to introduce summer fest’s story from the manusricpt. In Osaka’s Summer Sonic performance opportunity, for the sake to observe the strokes, it is said that she went around inside the venue. YUI ?When I visited a stand while walking and bringing ice cream and cucumber??Are you YUI-san??people starts to ask me like that, so ?No, maybe you’re wrong? I answered like that while keep walking (LOL) I was really enjoyed that time. And several days after that she  had a photoshoot. To YUI who just came to the photoshoot’s place someone asking ?why do you choose this place???the hills is lovely?while answering like that she keep walking on the street and she did the photoshoot. Seeing a lot of ? on the hill road, ?we could do detecting, right? they did a lot in the olden days?YUI said that. If there was ? , we must do a little scratch detecting, I was thinking liket that.


Classic YUI ….love it!~


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