B=PASS September 2011 Issue featuring… YUI-Lover?!!!!


September Issue of B=PASS Magazine includes a report of YUI’s first concert in Hong Kong

Picture thanks to nowayyui

This is a report from B=PASS website:
Translated by YUI-Lovers

1. A poster on the pathway to the venue. Avril, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5 and YUI. An amazing list!

2. After the end of the performance, even though the evacuation started, the audience didn’t want to leave at all. (pm’s note: yea, the security were chasing people out of the hall)

3. The water tank at the entrance of a Chinese restaurant, a huge prawn was casually swimming.

4. One on each table? Buta-san’s (Piglet) amazing appearance…

June 26th (Sunday) HONG KONG Asia World Arena. Writer Yamamoto-san. SMR’s Ichihara-san. Stardust’s Ishibara-san, Teramoto-san. Hair & make up Fujihara-san. Styling Date-san. All the staff on that day. e.u.Band members, and YUI. Thanks a lot (Do-chie) (Thank you in cantonese)

The various reports from Hong Kong have not finished coming in.

In the concert, in high spirits she yelled out “Thank you!” and said “Thank you” with a soft voice as well.
She also raised her voice to shout “Dochie”, but If you ask me, her relaxed, gentle “Dochie” was extremely cute.

From the telephone section, the fans in rapture, Eric-san was on the other side (of the phone call, was the receiver). Because he was speaking in Cantonese so intensely, the interpreter couldn’t keep up with it, hardly understanding what was said… YUI just said “mo mantai (no problem)”. Then during encore, Eric-san made an appearance on stage, “You’ve already sang ‘CHER.R.Y’? Won’t you do it?” he rolled up. Ah, that was a rude request by Eric.

What’s been making my heart excited ?? On Hong Kong island, of course Chinese restaurant show. Roundtable ( the table that turns in the middle), When it turns you can get more and more exciting dishes come to you. When the pig came out, everyone took some photos of the pig as memoribilia. While looking at media with YUI in it, YUI was drinking wine while eating a delicious Chinese meal and chatting with everyone. The closing is at 2 a.m, it’s very late.

And so, the next day. when passing through the baggage check at the airport,
Someone called my name? When I turned around it was YUI! “Eh? Are we in the same flight?”
When we looked at the time, YUIs flight was the one before mine. “Can I see your souvenirs? Ah, I wanted that Tobanjan (Chili Paste) ” she said in her usual energetic way, though it was almost the time for YUI to boarding, so I don’t think she could buy it (haha)

In the report there are also pictures of YUI’s different fanclubs who attended the concert.
Of course YUI-Lover is also present!!

Thanks to G.C

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