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YUI RADIO – Vol.33 (English Translation)

https://youtu.be/8q_VsbefvAg 2008/04/09 45:17 ????It's all right,sky line,OH YEAHYUI?M?????????????????Live????  YUI???????????????????????????????????  YUI??????????????????????????  YUI??????????????????????  ??????  ??It's...

?? (Jouka) — Lyrics and Translation

I was just looking at the shining clouds Their rumbling resounds A girl falls down, and what she dreams

???? Ai no Uta — Lyrics and Translation

I was born into this world to protect the person who's important When I knew that it was you, I found true happiness

Atsui Aitsu — Lyrics and Translation

I've been dreaming, I've been watching, I'm caught on his hot trap.

Lyrics and Translation — Sunday

Lyrics by yui Composed and Arranged by FLOWER FLOWER Translated by aiyui27