Early Believers, October 15th, 2003


YUI, with 15 years old, was struggling between two worlds:

Everyday felt like I was standing on a forked road that I never saw before. “I can’t stay like this. I need to decide which path to take, a life as a singer or a life without singing”
When I considered a “life with no music” I felt like there was a big black hole in my gaping chest. I felt crushed. I couldn’t imagine a live without singing. That’s why, I chose a singing life.

One day she had an encounter with the street performers “bianconero”. She was so impressed by this sight that she approached them without thinking and started making a lot of questions. “I want to follow the path of music. Can I become a singer if I do that? Would it be better if I went to a special school?”

They advised her to start studying at VOICE, a cram school for musicians.
She quit high school, entered VOICE and YUI’s music path started.

As a way to help YUI to get used to stage performances, bianconero invited her to open the act of their performances at Early Believers live house in Fukuoka.

YUI had already written her first song, “Why me”

And this little video shows a young YUI giving her first steps into the music path.

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Thank you, bianconero!

See a little description of that concert in bianconero’s website.

Hisashi Kondo was there that day.

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