FLOWER FLOWER DIARY (2013.10.12) — It’s was a fun flock



It’s was a fun flock

Hello, this is mura?jun.
Thank you so much for Inko no Mure!!!
We had a wonderful time with our partner bands in Umeda, Nagoya and Shibuya (???)
I want to form a flock again ~
To continue, let’s meet at COUNTDOWN Japan by the end of the year!


Thanks for your support. Ah. It’s mafumafu.
To everyone who came to the band encounters. Ookini! (Thanks a lot)
We are doing an effort making songs after getting a great influence from the other bands.
Let’s meet all over Japan next year!!


I’m sacchan who unexpectedly ended talking about serious matters at the lives.

I truly thank everyone
who came to Inko no Mure.
I’m also grateful to our partner bands.

Today, a song was reborn,

I’m looking forward to meet you all at COUNTDOWN


Good evening. This is yui.
Are you all okay?

Today we did pre-production~
I always want to do foolish things seriously.


Also, the last concert of Inko no Mure ended safely!!
To our lovely band partners, everyone on the always helpful staff, everyone who came to the venues, everyone who supported us!! Thank you very much.
There’s still COUNTDOWN JAPAN at the end of the year, so I feel I want to continue having fun!
PS: I’m looking forward to round things and delicious tour!!
(In the last venue, she talked about releasing a “round thing”, but she made clear it was not a frisbee xD )

?????????????????zazen boys?????
At Inko no Mure’s closing meeting, with everyone from zazen boys.


so many tears?????
With everyone from so many tears.


We also had REKISHI in Tokyo, but we couldn’t do a meeting afterwards (>_<)

I think it would be great to make music together another time ?

Well then, let’s have a great day today!!



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