FLOWER FLOWER diary (2014.05.24) — Diary of today


Diary of today

Translation by Haluta

Hi, this is mura?jun

Have you listened to “Kamisama”??

The round thing is beginning to be rounder and rounder at last.

Please wait with patience.

Please look forward to it, because it is likely to be quite a round.

Good evening. It’s mafumafu.

We four have recently often working together.

That thing and this thing, we are attempting variously.

Please ask sacchan what we are attempting ! !

??????? ????????
Tantatantan Tantatantan.

Happy being four.

It was sacchan.

This is yui.

I’m happy when we all get together.

I want to do more music !

The round thing is a little behind the schedule. I’m sorry about that.

I would like you to listen as soon as possible.

We will update the diary again ! !