Former YUI’s lead guitarist Kajiwara Takeo to join HHITS concert in Hong Kong (update 2)


Kajiwara Takeo, also known as Kaji-chan was YUI’s lead guitarist for their 3 firsts tours and many other live performances.

He recently confirmed via twitter that he will join YUI on their upcoming concert in Hong Kong

There was rehearsal today.
After a long time, I will participate in YUI’s concert in Hong Kong on June 26th.
This first day, a session after a long time. It was fun and somewhat emotive~!/kajiwara_takeo/status/67551713426546688


From Honeybee (Kaji-chan at the back)

Honeybee also confirms that Kuro-chan was present in this rehearsal, but he will not join the concert in Hong Kong, since he will be playing for a violinist called NAOTO in his tour.
Thanks to nowayyui and blackdog for this info.

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