FusioniCKs FM NORTHWAVE Report (2010.07.22)


We received YUI-san in the studio!!

A brief introduction of YUI-san.
Native of Fukuoka, a 23 years old singer-songwriter
She was selected to play the leading part of the movie “Taiyou no Uta”.
Having an overflowing artistic talent
She has received overwhelming support from generations around the same age.

Debuted on 2005, on 2007’s autumn
did a live concert on Nippon Budokan.

???????????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN???????
Her album “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN” was released on July 14th!
Thinking on a summer-ish album
——- (sorry >_< )

YUI-san compose her lyrics mostly by herself
When reading books, going to see live concerts or listening to music
she takes inspiration to write songs often.

YUI says she wants to make lives as cheerful as the album is.

Lives are:
2010.09.24(Friday) Sapporo Nitori Cultural Hall (General sale August 8)

When YUI-an is relaxing, is time to play guitar.
“The sound has a good feeling”
The first time she touched a guitar was around her 15, 16
Thoroughly, adapted herself with self confidence to its sound and atmosphere.

Look forward to that guitar sound,
By al means go to the live ?

Source: FusioniCK’s blog

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