YUI, a record of fourth consecutive No.1 singles since Utada Hikaru


2nd female singer-songwriter (to achieve this) after 7 years.
Translated by Fujii_Itsuki

With over 81,000 units sold within the first week, singer-songwriter YUI’s single ?GLORIA?(released on the 20th) has for the first time captured the No.1 position on the 2/1 single ranking*. She has officially become the 2nd female singer-songwriter in history to achieve 4 consecutive No.1 singles since Utada Hikaru 7 years ago. YUI’s comment, ?I’m really happy!?Hereafter, by loving the music I hold dear, I intend to keep progressing forward?.

Her previous single ?It’s all too much?Never say die? which was released October last year has also put her in the record books as the 3rd female singer-songwriter since Matsutouya Yumi and Utada Hikaru to achieve 3 consecutive No.1 singles. And with this 4th single, she continues this consecutive record. Exceeding the record made by Matsutouya Yumi (3 consecutive single – 1993/7/26’s ?A midsummer night’s dream??1994/10/24’s ?Haru yo, koi?), YUI is currently only the 2nd female singer-songwriter in history to achieve this feat since Utada Hikaru 7 years ago (2001/11/28’s ?traveling??2005/9/28’s ?Be My Last?).

YUI’s first single this year, which marks the 5th anniversary since her debut, is currently on-air as the CM song for Benesse Corporation’s “Shinkenzemi High School Correspondence Course”. As a supporter in the “Attack Pledge” campaign organized by the same company, YUI had accepted the pledges from high school students all over the country to and channeled them into this “rooting song for high school students”. Whilst expressing gratitude for her fans and staff members, YUI have shown her strong will as an artist with this comment about her future activities, ?I want to progress forward while not forgetting my original intentions?.

Source: Oricon Style


First week of sales (#1): 80,750
Second week of sales (#7): 14,751
Total: 95,501


Seventh day of sales.

#1 YUI ?GLORIA? 2,919

(Total: 79,422)
#2 Mika Nakashima ?ALWAYS? : 1,493
#3 Nana Mizuki ?PHANTOM MINDS? : 1,408

In the sixth day of sales, ?GLORIA? surpassed the number of sales of her previous single in the same period:

?It’s all too much / Never say die? : 73,763
?GLORIA? : 79,422
(Numbers of sales up to the sixth day)
Credits to YUI Stalker for the information

And course, she is still toping the ranking.

#1 YUI ?GLORIA? 5,130

#2 ?????????? ?HONEY BEES~? : 3,189
#3 Mika Nakashima ?ALWAYS? : 2,446


#1 YUI ?GLORIA? 6,381

(Total: 74,292)
#2 Nana Mizuki ?PHANTOM MINDS? : 2,921
#3 ???(????) ????? ??????CD Vol.7 ???(????)? : 2,711


#1 YUI ?GLORIA? 6,490

(Total: 67,731)
#2 ???(????) ????? ??????CD Vol.7 ???(????)? : 2,144
#3 Mika Nakashima ?ALWAYS? : 2,029


#1 YUI ?GLORIA? 11,022

Total: (61,241)
#2 ???(????) ????? ??????CD Vol.7 ???(????)? : 3,054
#3 Mika Nakashima ?ALWAYS? : 3,054
#4 Koda Kumi ?Can We Go Back?

Second day of sales!
YUI is still strong in the first place, the distance between her and the rest has increased.

#1 YUI ?GLORIA? 21,739

Total: (50,399)
#2 Koda Kumi ?Can We Go Back? : 7,125
#3 ??? ????????????????????????? : 6864
#4 Mika Nakashima ?ALWAYS? :

YUI’s latest single ?GLORIA? ranked #1 at Oricon in the release day.
Her closest competition was beaten by far despite all promotions made.

#1 YUI ?GLORIA? 28,660

#2 Koda Kumi ?Can We Go Back? : 17,060
#3 Mika Nakashima ?ALWAYS? : 6,183

Congratulations, YUI-san!
And thank you to all YUI-LOVER members for supporting our dearest artist.

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