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mafumafu ?????????
mafumafu Ohayo No Kiss Wo

Hello hello. It’s mafumafu.

I wonder if you’ve managed to listen to the mini album Shiki??
Although we’re in the middle of praising “Shiki”, how about a “Mi” album comment!!

If you have a spare moment to listen to “Mi” as well, I’d be very happy.

Well now. In “Ohayo No Kiss Wo” I’m playing cello.

The cello is good isn’t it.
Usually I play electric bass or contra bass, but the range of the cello is close to the range of the male
voice, so the instrument’s synch rate is perfect.*

“Cello synchronisation rate will not exceed 400%!” Sort of thing. **

During the recording yui told me “Play the song like sky thunder”.
So I played with no holding back.

sacchan produced noises from his PC during recording, engineer uni-san added loads of reverb and delay, mura?jun added his sounds in later, adding the sounds of waves. If you listen to it with headphones you can hear all sorts of sounds and it’s almost as if you are a foetus in a mother’s womb.

By all means listen to this in a dark room with headphones.


Translated by Leo and Jeff.

*By “synch rate” mafumafu is probably referring to harmonisation.

**we think mafumafu is referring to a meme, possibly this one ?


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2013.07.23 mafumafu