Negai — Comment from yui



Song #1: Negai (prayer/desire/wish)

Translated by cyclo

???????????????????????????????????????(>_<) Hi it’s yui. It’s December now, how’s everyone doing? I think it’s flu season now so please take care! Christmas is coming soon too isn’t it~. There are New Year’s parties* too, so it must be tough for busy people (>_<)

* In Japan people have a celebration called ??? (bounenkai) which literally translates into “forgetting-the-year party”. it is usually celebrated in the final month of the year to “forget” the bad things that have happened over the year before entering into the new year, ie. getting piss drunk and puking on trains.

Back onto the subject, I would like to explain the album little by little from now! Those who are interested please read it!! (?¯?¯?)

This song was probably the first song that we made together during a jamming session, I think.
Was it the first time we went to a studio together? My memory of it is fuzzy by now, but I’m sure this was the first song we made!

Having the song from that first session as the album introduction was such a good idea to me, I remember pestering everyone to recreate that same moment for the final recording. It was a miraculously made album introduction. It’s melodious and everyone was in such sychrony, creating an superb atmosphere that leaves you speechless.

With these members, miracles actually happen pretty often. Be it during a session or a live, we put absolute trust in each other, close our eyes, and feel engulfed by the waves of sound. Like an energy or power that wells up inside you and makes you shiver. Music is so… awe-inspiring.

For the guitar, in our first demo I felt that I managed to play quite a solid phrase, but in the final recording it sounded a little too calculated, so I tried to use an effector to increase the depth of the sound (when playing around with the effector, a little lag time can be heard).
Likewise the guitar distortion during the chords of the chorus were rather firm in the demo, so I also tried to recreate that same spacious sound, with the image of drifting about in mind.

When the musical accompaniment for the final recording was being made, the lyrics were still incomplete as I was completely focused on the guitar recording.
In the end the song became a really difficult song to play and sing at the same time unfortunately. lol
Guitars are noisy (lol) so I’m always in a different room (but of course we’re all together from time to time)
It’s a little lonely but I guess there’s the advantage of being able to correct myself whenever I make mistakes.
This song that marks the start of Flower Flower is filled with so many thoughts and emotions! It’s somewhat a deeply sentimental piece to me.

As for the recording of the singing, the two of us, Uni-san and myself, secluded ourselves in the studio to complete it.
I remember Uni-san telling me on that day that I had composed a mysterious harmony.
The vocals stands out quite a bit in this song so I might have been a little more cautious with the vocalisations too.

But, even when I’d arrived at the studio I still hadn’t finish the essential lyrics, and was actually writing as much as I could while Uni-san was still setting up. lol

I think it was only for this song and for “seki wo tatsu” where I wrote under that condition…

With regards to the lyrics, I think there are many parts where if you tried to read it in prose form it wouldn’t make any sense, but they were written with a sort of instinctive feeling that the lyrics couldn’t be anything but these lyrics.

If you could listen to the song on that basis, I wonder if you could feel the atmostphere of a studio session.

With no fixed dates or order, the other members will also be sharing and discussing the musical arrangement, as well as other untold production stories, here on this blog.
Please look out for further updates.