YUI in Maritime Square (May 15th)


As announced, YUI gave her first press conference in Hong Kong to promote her upcoming live concert.

Sony Music executives presented her with a guitar-shaped trophy at the conference in honor of her strong sales in the city, which include two platinum albums and 750,000 song downloads. Washington Times reports

After the conference, she prepared to meet her fans at Maritime Square.

The venue hours before the arival of the fans

Fans filled all three levels of the place. (Credits to hbdcrKevin)

Note: (The order of the following events are not yet clear.)
YUI entered the stage for an interview with the hosts.

A group of fans entered the stage to teach the crown the es.car dance. YUI then joined the group, but didn’t dance.

She performed two songs. Good-bye days and It’s happy line.

They gave a guitar-shaped cake to her (?)

After that, YUI gave greetings to the people who purchased them lucky fans.

This girl gave a hug to YUI and caused a great conmotion!

Finally she took a groupal picture with the crowd

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