Recochoku’s “Strongest” Summer Song 2011 Poll – SUMMER SONG reigns for the second year in a row


Reported by yupeh

Recochoku, a site for mobile phone music, asked their users to vote for the song they think is the “Strongest Summer Song” (I interpret this as the most popular, perhaps). Around 1,719 users voted and YUI’s SUMMER SONG won for the second consecutive year.

Some of the reasons stated were:
(1) “I listen to the when I go with somebody to the beach.”
(2) “During summer, it is when love starts (to bloom). I really love such lyrics.”
(3) “Bright atmosphere shimmers highest (in this song).”

Here is the full ranking:

#2 ???? (Shonannokaze) – ??? (Suirenka)
#3 ???? (Tohoshinki) – Summer Dream
#4 UVERworld – ?????? ?Laka Laka La??
#5 ??(Yuzu) – ?? (Natsuiro)


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