ROCK’IN JAPAN November 2011 Issue


YUI. a talk about “the power of music” and “sorrow”
Translated by Kiki, Panda and hirotana

I think I felt again that the power of music is really amazing. Music is borderless and it can expand limitlessly depending on our minds.

YUI is releasing her single “Green” on October 5th.
After a refreshing break last year, the album “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN” was released, and then before YUI even had a chance to take a breather after her “HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN” tour, a new single “Green” is completed. What are her thoughts and what is her state of mind at the moment? YUI talked about her new mode.
Interview article could be found in “ROCKIN’ON JAPAN November Edition” being sold from September 30th.

According to the article “Green” is not proposing an easy solution to things, rather its more a serious ballad about going through great hardships.Singing directly about the suffering present today, its a song that deals with the sadness. Because of her open mind (and the straight direction of idea), the tune got the expression of freedom and expanding.
Also, in this interview , YUI recalls the time when she went to Miyagi’s schools in July to sing Tsubasa wo Kudasai with the students, and she stated following sentences.

You could say, sadness can’t go anywhere. It will remain inside of you always for sure. Children will have to face this sadness with their innocence. But I also want them to smile. (…) I thought it’s important all our feelings to be annoyed and unsolved.

We also included a lot of photos in the article. In all 10 pages of precious content.

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