sacchan comments Toumeinauta (2015.01.26)



??????? sacchan
Toumeinauta sacchan
Translated by Leo and Jeff

This song is not a session song,
yui-chan came along with it.

Compared with songs that come up in sessions,
this song has a completely different atmosphere
which I like very much. It has a pure, good melody.

When she let me hear it, as soon she started playing,
without realising, I started hitting a weird pattern.

The first weird pattern came from a band called 54-71,
it’s the sort of pattern bobo would play.

Following on from Kuuki , for the following 2 songs
perhaps I borrowed other peoples drum patterns?
At least it felt like that.

As that’s what came out there was nothing I could do about it.
It’s ok because I put respect into it.

Though at first these overwhelming rhythms were difficult to take I think,
thank you for enduring yui-chan. (lol)

mafumafu has already written,
at the beginning there’s the sound of a log in the studio.
It has a cryptic atmosphere.

A painful to beautiful melody,
a strange arrangement,
conflicting feelings, I really like it.




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