Saji Norihide Blog (2017.06.24) — Thoughts on Osaka


I was waiting until the last minute for a diary entry from yui, but I guess we will have to settle for sacchan’s blog instead.

Translation: Kikino and Spring-san

Thank you for attending to FLOWER FLOWER’s concert in Osaka.

I’m really grateful about our recent concert at Billboard Osaka! It was even more wonderful that I expected. I was deeply moved. Thank you so much.

Above all things, yui-chan’s voice was so good.

Rehearsing over and over, and feeling the importance of every encounter, I had my own expectations of the general atmosphere of the concert, but…

I think it became a concert that exceeded all expectations.

Anyhow, yui-chan’s voice was so good… I thought: “Is this really the singing voice of a person who didn’t sing for three and a half years?”

The singing was too powerful. To the point I had to lower yui-chan’s voice from my in-ear monitor lol.

Compared to the volume and strength from 3 years back, I think her current voice wins in both categories. It’s really something.

Sometimes, we encourage her to sing more strongly, but in this last concert yui-chan’s voice was so great I thought I didn’t want to be defeated by her! It was such a concert. Thanks. lol

Also to the audience. Thank you so much for waiting for us! Did you have fun?

I’m really grateful that you all welcomed us with a warm atmosphere.

Preparing the round thing

Also. regarding the round thing (those words make me nostalgic lol) Personally, I think this round thing is sooo amazing. I listened to it without prejudices and thought “Who is this? It’s so cool!” I ended looking it up with Shazam lol. I have no doubts about it.

Please look forward to it.

Also! Next week are the concerts in Tokyo! I can’t wait.

Well then. Thank you as always.