Saji Norihide Blog Entry (2017.04.23)



The other day I went to a meeting with the guys from FLOWER FLOWER.
We are taking things slowly, but the activities continue.

Last year we released the single “Takaramono”

It would be really nice if we manage to give you all good news this year too.

Please wait patiently.
Thank you as always.

“No matter what you play, your drums are so cool!” Those words really got me.

It’s been already 4 years wince we started FLOWER FLOWER

In the beginning the four of us did a music session.
The music resulting was extremely unusual.
What kind of music should we do as FURAFURA?
I think that way of thinking was also very unusual.
I guess you could say it became more flexible than anything.

“As long as it’s cool, anything should be fine!”

Being so vague makes things difficult, but if the 4 of us got in a cool mood, the sounds resulting will become cool. So to speak.
For that reason, I guess I have to become more and more skilled?

Back in the “YUI” days, I had the chance to do recordings for her and we even went on TV together.
Having listened to those recordings yui-chan said to me: “No matter what you play, your drums are so cool!”
That day I was invited to join FLOWER FLOWER!

It’s a story of which I’m grateful.

Not matter what I play it sounds cool…
Isn’t that nice?
Doesn’t that make me an ideal man somehow? Haha.

Because of the way yui-chan said that to me,
Anything I play for her will sound cool somehow.

I think it would be nice if I can keep playing that way with FLOWER FLOWER wherever we go.

Thank you very much.